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NXP® Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) today announced that NXP’s Layerscape® and Layerscape Access family of processors have been chosen by Compal Electronics, one of the world’s largest ODMs, to power its new 5G Integrated Small Cell (ISC) solution.

NXP Powers Compal’s New Integrated Small Cell Solution to Address 5G Network Densification
  • Compal is leveraging NXP’s Layerscape® multi-core processors and Layerscape Access baseband processors to create a 5G NR 4T4R Integrated Small Cell solution
  • Compal’s new solution enables 5G network density enhancements and new 5G use cases
  • The small cell solution delivers high performance for enhanced 5G coverage across public and private networks

Designed to enhance 5G networks density, the new solution delivers high performance capabilities based on a 4-antenna configuration to enable new 5G use cases. These include smart cities and factories, enhanced indoor 5G coverage, and low-latency applications, across public and private networks.

5G network signals attenuate quickly, particularly through walls or over long distances. Small cells are required to boost the network signal so that coverage can be extended to indoor spaces or throughout dense urban areas. The Compal ISC solution delivers the high performance needed to enhance network density, while also delivering the low latency performance users expect from a 5G connection.

“Our collaboration with NXP enables us to leverage the high performance of Layerscape processors to help meet the growing need for higher capacity and broader availability for 5G networks. The 4T4R ISC solution helps enable a wide range of new applications and revenue streams for mobile network operators and private network service providers.” JS Liang, Vice President at Compal.

The Compal ISC solution leverages the NXP Layerscape portfolio, including Layerscape multi-core processors and Layerscape Access LA1200 programmable baseband processor. The Layerscape multicore processors provide high levels of integration and leverage Arm 64-bit cores, while the Layerscape Access programmable baseband processors provide unprecedented flexibility via programmable engines for PHY/baseband processing. The overall system delivers efficient, scalable performance exceeding 1Gbps data rates via software-defined radio implementation.

“The collaboration with Compal to create this new high performance solution underscores the strength of the NXP Layerscape portfolio to accelerate 5G deployments. This software programmable solution addresses the challenge of 5G network enhancements – particularly for smart cities and factories.” Tareq Bustami, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Edge at NXP Semiconductors.

The Compal ISC solution, powered by NXP’s software programable modem is scheduled for deployment in the Asia New Bay Area in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for its 5G Innovation Lab, which is focused on the implementation of R&D results by conducting field validation and promoting commercialization. It is planned to be deployed in Japan in the second half of 2022.

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