Our technologies for solar power

SourceItRight is your one-stop solution for photo-voltaic solar (PV) electrical system balancing solutions (BOS). We are collaborating with renewable energy providers to address the needs of the residential, commercial, and government sectors. Among the services we offer are: a comprehensive portfolio of products and service solutions, training to maximize performance, reliability, and a return on investment. We are a team of energy experts with comprehensive experience working on numerous large renewable energy initiatives, from need analysis to performance assurance.

At SourceItRight, our client-centered business model makes the drive for efficiency and value-for-money possible for our partners. We take a holistic approach from start to finish and help you find a solution that addresses your needs.

After determining an ideal location and configuration, we will work with you to secure financing through loans, private-public partnerships, or grants. In addition, Performance Services can assist with services such as training and staffing needs.

CS Energy full-service offerings include maintenance and repair services in the following three forms:

  • Corrective
  • Preventive
  • Predictive













  Remote monitoring systems for Solar Energy – Monitoring, Maintenance & Repair

Our PV monitoring will help you maximize the efficiency of your solar energy system. It does not stop with installation as maintenance is necessary in order to achieve maximum output from the solar panels. Our systems provide information on consumption and power generation, optimization, and possible damage to the solar grid. You need to monitor your network around the clock and take a proactive approach addressing any potential issues.

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