Research is an instrumental tool that drives critical organizational activities and decision-making, such as qualitative and quantitative market surveys. SourceItRight evaluates data derived from online sources, CAPI, CATI, and other focus organizations. This objective research enables firms and establishments to understand their clients’ needs and provide appropriate responses. SourceItRight is at the center of this and can enhance the client’s experience.


SourceItRight’s research is aimed at gathering client’s feedback concerning new products. This is done by using non-users as a subgroup. This strategy enables SourceItRight to assess the potential shortcomings of the products being evaluated. The research services include emphasizing the SourceItRight brand, advertising, and expanding market segments. Other services offered by SourceItRight are field observations, qualitative studies, and innovative testing and tuning. They also carry out store analysis to ensure that every product is available and well-positioned.

SourceItRight Attitude Research

Other data sources are attitude studies that collect essential feedback from consumers and business customers. SourceItRight achieves this by applying research with qualitative and quantitative analysis. SourceItRight attitude research services include brand awareness and image studies that involve segmentation of motivational values and organizational behaviors. Attitude research services identify customer needs, as they are reliable sources of information when combined with field observations.

Public Policy Research

SourceItRight’s research analyzes the best global practices. We use these methods to assess and evaluate social transformations and their effects. SourceItRight Ltd uses these strategies in the formulation of projection tools to carry out a cost-effective assessment. This public research service entails analyzing and requesting registry data, visiting sites, observing the daily operation, documenting the public policy normative, and documentation development.

SourceItRight evaluates the market from different dimensions, such as competition, market size, and conditions. We use statistical analysis, desk research, and interviews in the field to achieve this goal. SourceItRight has various research outlets in Sudan, MENA, the US and an integrated interviewers’ network.


We can assess various interventions and policy reforms. These activities include international cohesion regulations and impact assessment of various government regulations on multiple projects. SourceItRight evaluation services include ex-post evaluation, and monitoring with an emphasis on results, regulatory impact assessment, and ex-ante assessments.