The intrinsically safe cameras are contained within IECEx and ATEX certified stainless steel housings, which have the ability to prevent any sparks generated by the camera escaping the device and igniting gases or other ignition sources in the environment. TNU-6322E/6322ER models feature 360 ̊ endless panning and 180 ̊ tilting, and, combined with powerful 32x (4.44 ~ 142.6mm) optical zoom lenses, these cameras will reach into every corner of a large industrial site.

2MP high-quality resolution guarantees sharp and clear image capture and Hanwha Tecwhwin’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology improves the accuracy of images in scenes containing a challenging mix of dark and bright areas by compensating differences in brightness.

For external installations, an onboard defog function ensures clear images can be achieved in all weathers, whilst the long-range IR illuminator built into the TNO-6322ER and TNU-6322ER models allows night-time surveillance at a distance of up to 200m. There is also a gyro sensor, which drastically reduces motion blur caused by vibration, and therefore ensures stable images even in the most challenging environments.

Embedded WiseStreamIIcompression technology effectively reduces data size, whilst still maintaining optimum image quality, thereby reducing bandwidth requirements. In addition, the cameras are IP67 certified water and dust resistant and IK10 certified vandal-proof.

“The new launch completes our explosion-proof camera line-up”, said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “It ensures robust surveillance of all hazardous environments that could be susceptible to explosions triggered by electrical interference.”

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