One critical and indispensable driver for economic growth is an on-the-spot and sustained availability of fuel. It is continuous availability through modern technological means is vital to what will soon become a reality in Sudan now and in the future.

An Essentially Perfect Partner

As with all its other partners in Sudan involved in the surge for sustained development, SourceItRight has conducted a thorough appraisal of a long-term commitment with Dover Fueling Solutions and is firmly in favor of partnering with Dover Fueling Solutions. Its very name suggests excellent cutting-edge tech product and service solutions Sudan desperately needs to help it in its bid to become a modernized country. A coming together of the two companies united in a common cause is crucial and ideal for Sudan.

Dover Corporation is an American conglomerate manufacturer of industrial products. Founded in 1955 in New York City, Dover is now based in Downers Grove, Illinois, and employs more than 26,000 people worldwide. As of 2014, Dover’s business was divided into three segments: Engineered Systems, Fluids, and Refrigeration and Food Equipment. In 2020, there were five segments, with Imaging and Identification and Pumps and Process having been added. Each segment holds operating companies that are run like independent companies. Dover is a constituent of the S&P 500 indexand trades on the New York Stock Exchange under “DOV.” Dover is ranked 360th in the Fortune 500.

A Brief Overview
A six brand company combined in a single Dover Fueling Solutions company bespeaks of a top efficiency, interconnectivity, and versatility, which Dover essentially is. It has provided impeccable fueling solutions for over a hundred years.

Its six brands herald the best in brand names, and it’s with these brands that, in partnership with SourceItRight, DFS will usher in an era of abundance in stockpiled and distributed fuel throughout Sudan. DFS brands feature fuel-dispensing systems and payment, automated tank gauging, wetstock management, and monitoring solutions.


These incorporate a conglomerate of the top industry-leading dispensers, tank gauges, external payment terminals, plus electric chargers that’ll revolutionize fuel delivery.


The solutions offered by DFS tout cream of the crop solutions that will inject surge, vitality, and verve into a sluggish fuel delivery system and enhance the all-important goal of sustainability.


In the DFS range of top-class services are listed tank lining, fully automated reporting, and risk assessments performed by expert technicians.

High Tech Wetstock Monitoring Capabilities

Fuel is precious, and the length to which DFS is prepared to prevent its loss tends to accentuate that fact. To the rescue comes the DFS Wetstock Management Services that can:

  • Pinpoint the exact location of any fuel loss occurring on-site
  • Expertly monitoring services designed to reduce costs and up profit margins
  • Offer legal compliance advice that leaves customers free from stressful worry
  • Offer environmental protection via its regulatory procedures and practices
  • Monitor colossal amounts of millions of fuel daily for multi-national companies worldwide and independent dealers and hypermarket chains.

DFS augments its all-encompassing monitoring approach with real-time analysis of on-site emergencies such as fuel loss through leakages, thievery, Bowser overflows, and delivery shortages. Having these capabilities on hand and ready to take action quickly can only minimize financial loss.

Amazingly DFS monitoring canimmediately detect malfunctioning nozzles, such as below-level performing refueling pumps, and enable swift maintenance work to be carried out to prevent adverse impacts on customer operations.

This is indeed the perfect fuel monitoring system that would suit the early stages of fuel storage and delivery systems in Sudan and also one that can adapt to changes in the management and delivery of fuel now and in the future.

SourceItRight has scored a significant partnership solution for the plight of fuel companies, both private and public, bound to pop up all over Sudan.

This is pre-empted to occur once the tsunami of revival grabs the country in the firm grip of rejuvenation and sustained development which is at the core of Sourcelight’s convictions. This belief is also in the hearts and minds of the people of Sudan, and again SourceItRight is right once again!

Ongoing Investigative management monitoring

Systematic and ongoing monitoring is a powerful feature of the DFS approach. Its experts work non-stop 24/7 to identify faulty pumps (leaks), calibrations, clogged filters, short deliveries, and other malfunctioning incidents.

Its approach is scalability, with services tailored to satisfy the needs of operators and customers alike specifically. DFS is all out to prevent fuel delivery mishaps through its interconnected surveillance of different sites to open up swift contact for information gathering.

When information is lacking, experts are deployed to investigate with follow-up diagnostics at their heel to pinpoint the culprit that’s causing the leakage and fuel loss.

Special Monitoring Services

Fuel theft is also an embedded function of DFS monitoring services which it can offer to fuel retailers suitably scaled to meet their specific needs worldwide, including Sudan. It’s a foregone conclusion that theft does and will continue to exist as long as valuable fuel is there for the taking.

What DFS will bring to the partnership with SourceItRight will not only be the highly enticing services mentioned above, but it also can offer highly specialized solutions to any prospective customer.

These platforms specifically provide to satisfy the needs of potential retailing operatives ready to join the economic revolutions that are taking shape in Sudan. First in line at the head of the retailer oriented platforms offered by DFS include the:

DFS Anthem UX User

This platform is especially meant for the open space in front of any service station to give customers a new and attractive experience. It also offers retail operators the data and tools they require to maximize transaction connections with customers, including linked advertising and promotions.
The platform is also equipped with an integrated interface featuring data and/or information provided by selecting applications or apps that promote customer loyalty to the brand, product, or service.

DX Monitor

This platform marvel plays the exciting and highly sophisticated tech role of updating software and firmware at the forward dispenser line. In doing so, this platformprovides real-time info that ensures efficiency, decreases maintenance costs, and maximizes dispenser activation time.

DX Promote

As a completely new and rich content management platform, customers, especially retail operators,are given the opportunity of enjoying a simple but gratifying experience. It offers fuel retailers a convenient outreach to customers.

On the other hand, it also provides customers with a fully detailed and integrated digital experience that immerses customers in a new world of digitalized information and imagery displayed on 27″ high-definition screens right at the fuel dispenser.

Fuel Management

Retail operators in Sudan would be enticed with this management approach that lower operational costs and boost profit margins while fully legal operatorscomply with environmental provisions.

Retail Management

Here, the solutions provided by DFS are just perfect for providing security for the market business and ensure that customers are totally satisfied.

Any fuel retail business can be made interconnected with the DFS Edge Data Collection device and the Wayne Fusion Automation Server.

Consumer Experience
Customers are the main drivers for any fuel retail business, so it’s imperative that you have the very best products and services available for satisfying their needs and wants on the forecourt through media power.

Fleet Solutions

Here, DFS can provide a full range of fuel control systems that will maximize control over existing fleet operations with documentary evidence of fuel usage that promotes total transparency and accountability for this section of fuel delivery operations.

Optimization of Site

Site optimization used by DFS involves the simplification of all remote management networks, regardless of whether or not operations involve unmanned stations and a huge network that needs virtual monitoring and the capacity to provide virtual updates or changes.

DFS has it all, and as a partner with SourceItRight, retail operators that will ultimately be involved in the journey towards modernization, especially retail operators, are sure to benefit immensely from the offers that DFS can provide to themas a partner.

Retail Automation Products

Last but not least are the Retail Automation Products to augment what DFS will also offer the retail operators of Sudan.

This consists of a 3-pronged configured approach which is encapsulated in the Tokheim Fuel Point of Sale (POS) system that’s made up the following sectors:

  • Fuel POS: (point of sale) which represents DFS’s top-level product that supports all conceivable configurations that involve (EPOS), FCC, EPS Inside Payment Terminal and Outside Payment Terminal)
  • Fuel Controller: a fuel controlling system specially configured for small station operatives with restricted EPOS, EPS, and OPT functionality.
  • Fuel Homebase: a specially configured system for crewless stations with total EPS OPT support.

Secure and Reliable

All these sectors are secure, which means that every bit of data and information, operational efficiency, and all outcomes are secure in all aspects for total satisfaction.

Reliability also implies the ability to endure the corrosive and fast fuel passage through the hosed Bowser outlets, so durability is one key component of reliable customer service.

DFS also has this sector under control, and it promises to deliver a fast, stable, and ‘future-proof’ service with its Tokheim. Again, this revelation ties in well with the ambition of all who are taking part in Sudan’s recovery, who view it as a challenging long-term venture.

Can you imagine what it would mean to Sudan if the partnership between SourceItRight and Dover Fueling Solution materialized? Can you envision Sudan is profiting from this partnership? Will South Sudan also benefit from it despite the absence of oil-rich fields within its border? We believe it is the perfect panacea for Sudan and its people, which should be cheered and praised!