The All-In-One Two-Way Portable Radios
Portable and mobile radios are well-known for their excellent form, shape, durability and performance:

  • for any front line mission deployment
  • for whatever the work demands
  • as ultra-reliable radios
  • as designed by and for those on the front lines
  • for deliveringunrivaled coverage
  • for being reliable and durable wherever the action is

No other communicating device can compete with this radio communicating tool with its outstanding attributes such as:

  • affordable, flexible systems for municipalities, Co-ops, and Multi-regional companies
  • easy-to-use, ultra-reliable, for health teams engaged in rapid deployment between agencies and healthcare systems
  • secure, interoperable, networked communications for defense, government and disaster relief organizations
  • excellent audio capability
  • multi-connecting capability
  • LTE communication hub capability
  • Secure, rugged and reliable

Using a two-way portable radio is the ultimate in short and long-distance communication capability that provides needed information, safety and security, and rapid response to emergencies.They are flexible, affordable and literally unstoppable and are the ideal connectivity tool on the move with Wi-Fi data and voice. And you’ll get a bonus which owners of more expensive radios enjoy such as GPS, on the spot recall and noise cancellation.

  • Loud clear audio and rugged build
  • Support the needs of first responders on a mission
  • Operates for 12 to 18 hours
  • Comes with an enhanced night vision binocular
  • Usable for medium altitude covert recon search and rescue
  • Stay operational under extreme heat due to heat resistant seals
  • Flexible affordable and unstoppable with data, recalls and GPs capability
  • Permanently-connected communications via Wi-Fi enabled voice
  • Clarity of communication even inin noisy environments enabled through loud audio and dual microphone advanced noise cancellation.
  • Data and voice are completely secure through top-level encryption capabilities
  • Multi-agency interoperability and ease of integration with existing equipment
  • Availability of support 24/7 as backup for your radio communication tool
  • Simplify fleet maintenance with device management over Wi-Fi and also comes with low-weight imaging system, perfect for low-altitude surveillance

A wide range of two-way portable radios have been used by:

  • First responders on the go during covert mission operations
  • Armed services personnel on duty
  • Public safety organizations
  • Firefighters
  • Air surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Utilities organizations
  • Health Care
  • Federal Agencies
  • Defense
  • Government
  • Disaster relief organization.
  • Education

A Two-way portable radio communications is the most appropriate, safe, and highly effective type of connecting tool to have while on the move in the outback, air, and sea operations. If you want uninterrupted, clear, and accurate information, possessing and operating one is a must and should be on your list of priorities as an indispensible communicating tool.

And don’t forget that communication on the move with easy access to Wi-Fi voice and data is critically important for the success of your mission. These portable two-way radios can ultimately mean the success of failure of your mission on which the lives and wellbeing of others may well depend.

If you are a frontline worker that faces emergency communication needs possessing a two-way portable radio is the perfect solution for you. They possess loads of connectivity punch they are effective, affordable,loud, efficient and of tough construction for addressing the needs of First Responders.