We have completed dozens of projects with our international partners and experts using creativity and modern technology.

Commercial wastewater

Pollution is problem that affects many communities around the world and everyone should have access to clean drinking water. SourceItRight Pollution and SourceItRight, offer a personalized wastewater management solution for the business sector. Our approach focuses on reducing the environmental impact of commercial activity. This includes best practices and technologies to help you achieve these goals.

Domestic wastewater

The SourceItRight Engineering Team offers wastewater purification for a wide range of customers from residential, commercial, industrial, and government. We can work with you on larger projects on a community or city level as well. This includes manufacturing, installation, and the operation of vital electromechanical systems for wastewater purification.

SourceItRight’s methods comply with all environmental regulations and sustainability standards in the countries we operate in. For irrigation purposes, filtered water may also be used when appropriate.


Water treatment / Reuse of water


We abide by all internationally accepted standards and practices regarding water treatment with a focus on green solutions.


Production and supply of equipment

We use state of the art equipment for water purification. SourceItRight offers environmentally capable solutions and regular products such as TSE, DIN, BS, CE for manufacturing mechanical equipment. The development program for SourceItRight includes automated screening systems, screen presses, separators of grains, static screens, mixers, fixed and revolving bridges, oil separators, DAF units, clean and pressurized filters, stainless steels, silo tanks, wear, concentration systems, de-shoots, conveyor units, container equipment, and sludge dewatering equipment.

Maintenance and service

Maintenance and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants are probably the most overlooked problems. The SourceItRight engineering team offers services that cover all stages of the project from the design phase to annual service and maintenance. This important step ensures the equipment is operating at peak efficiency and extends its service life. In addition, reducing downtime and potential environmental impacts.

SourceItRight’s engineering team works with skilled technicians that are industry certified. We focus on helping clients with limited resources make the best use of modern technologies/innovations, increase efficiency, and improve security.

Wastewater treatment and recycling

The release fertilizers into the ecosystem has serious environmental consequences. One of the most notable effects is the growth of algae and bacteria in lakes and rivers. This contamination is detrimental to the wildlife that lives in these ecosystems and the people who depend on it for their livelihoods.

We take a different approach in wastewater treatment that minimizes the ecological impact. This is done using the FERTAREX water treatment process developed by Arionex, a Swiss-based company. The difference is most of the ammonium nitrate and ammonia are recycled and removed from the water and helps operators comply with environmental regulations.