Technology can improve efficiency, although it can be costly. At SourceItRight, we understand this and work with our clients to help them find a solution that meets their needs and stays within their budget. We can provide financing alternatives when necessary or flexible payment plans. This includes getting funds from various third-party organizations.

Our Funding Services Cover:

Program Funding

SourceItRight helps companies and government entities prepare proposals. We know the importance of technology and the benefits it brings for our clients. Also, we offer guarantees that vary depending on the product offered. SourceItRight has experience with a wide range of projects, such as installing security systems and computers in hospitals, universities, and banks.

Services under Program Funding

  • Preparation of proposals.
  • Adjusting them if needed.
  • Reviewing the application.
  • Providing alternatives and payment plans.
  • Preparation of budgets.
  • Development of the project and outsourcing.

Debt Financing Programs

We can help our clients find financing to cover the costs of installation. This can be local or international banks and non-governmental organizations. However, the first step is working with the client, finding their needs, drafting a final budget, and then explore financing. For social projects, this includes NGOs, government, or other donors. We can suggest the best avenue for loans with for-profit solutions, whether it be banks or other funding programs.

Services under Debt Financing Programs Include:

  • Assistance with negotiations.
  • Identifying potential sources of funds.

Discount Pricing

When two related companies need a similar solution or if the project is done on a large scale, we can offer clients discounts to reduce their costs.

International and US Federal Government Funding

We also help clients write applications that enable them to receive funding from governments such as the US, DFID or EU. We do this through:

  • Identify government funding programs.
  • Develop the project idea.
  • Preparation of the application and budget.

How we do it

When a company approaches us about a project, we map resources and stakeholders to explore the best strategies and approaches. After that, we will discuss a budget and financing if needed. These can be flexible and include loans or payment plans. Our goal is to provide clients with state-of-the-art technology that keeps up with the continually changing world.