As the distributor of CardLogix products and services in Sudan and South Sudan, SourceItRight views it as a privilege to present a summarized version of the products and services it distributes on behalf of CardLogix as a business partner and professional colleague.

Total Confidence
Following insightful studies into the credibility and performance of CardLogix, while also keeping in mind its own aspirations and goals, SourceItRight wisely concluded that CardLogix holds incredible potential for contributing to the current and future digital transformation of Sudan and South Sudan. These have been the main reason why SourceItRight has deemed it fitting to forge a partnering relationship with CardLogix in Sudan & South Sudan as the distributor of its superb quality product – Digital ATM Cards and related gadgetry.

Incredibly Modern Tech Products

There is no denying that CardLogix has been the active manufacturer of millions of personal ATM cards worldwide from the United States. These top-quality products can be grouped into four main sectors such as Secure Element, smart cards, biometrics, and middleware. SourceItRight has rightly pre-empted will be instrumental in boosting digital transformation in Sudan and South Sudan. These products are discussed below:

Secure Element (SE)
The concept involves a platform that is totally tamper-resistant (one secure chip microcontroller with an embedded microprocessor). It acts as a host to a selected number of appropriate applications (apps) that make up a consortium of confidential and cryptographic data, which suitably fulfill all security requirement protocols prescribed by those who stipulated such protocols.

But that is the view when you scrutinize the SE in its entirety when in reality, the processor is divided into three main components or form factors within the SE miniature cosmos – the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), the embedded SE, and the micro-SD. While the UICC and micro-SD can both be removed from the configured unit, each form factor is linked to a totally different type of use in the business sense and fulfills a host of different market needs.

It stands for “Universal Integrated Circuit Card.” A UICC is a “smart card” designed to operate with 3G and 4G wireless technologies, including LTE. It can be used for multiple applications,

Smart Card

A CardLogix smart card with CardLogix can also be known as a Chip Card which is typically like a credit card in both size and shape, but the interior section is entirely of a different configuration. The first incredible feature is its 2-dimensional configuration, i.e., it has an inner compartment, whereas an ordinary ATM card is a simple one-dimensional piece of plastic, so it’s a new innovation.

The iDBLOX Compatible Systems

An immensely important summary of the CardLogix arsenal of tech wizardry can be found in the Idblox Compatible Systems: This concept combines together the unique features of outstanding solutions that can be accessed from the idblox smart card compatible systems, as shown below. These are the overall solutions from the idblox compatible systems, categorized into other fields of application as shown by the images and summarized features of each heading.

  • Medical Smart Card (e-HealthOne)
  • Biometric Enrollment/Verification
  • CAC/PIV Secure Credentials
  • Voting systems

1. Financial Management

  • Closed-loop e-pure
  • Cipurse
  • Online Payment
  • EMV Smart card Certified

2. Smart Card usability

  • Contact/Contactless capability
  • Smart Card Management
  • Secure Login/SSO (Access Smart)
  • Government smart card management
  • Access control Facilities

3. Smart Card Verification

  • Mobile device (BIOSID)
  • Desktop devices (SecureGen)
  • Central management system

4. Border Agents Management

  • Passport verification (PassCheck)
  • Passport/Visa verification (Access IS)
  • e-Visa Verification
  • Individuals registration
  • Individuals applications for Visas
  • Secure database/verification

5. Passports

  • Gov. Officials/Diplomatic passports
  • Citizens passports
  • Passport management
  • Passport personalization and issuance

6. Biometric enrollment (Fingerprints, Face, Iris, Signature, Palm)

  • Mobile (BIOSIi)
  • Desktop (IDBX)
  • Biometric user’s data management (BIOMGT)
  • Biometric verification (AFIS/ABIS)

7. Smart Card personalization

  • Printing & Encoding
  • Mailing
  • Design & encoding (CEE)
  • CFS design and management (Toolz)

8. Secure Vital Paper

  • Birth/Death Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Permits
  • Tax Stamps
  • Secure Stickers
  • Currencies

9. Visa

  • Country Entry
  • Work Permits
  • E-Visa (issue/verification
  • Visa Management

Smart Card Products
An image of the “PASSCheck and ePasport & eMRTD Validation Software and the functions it can perform is given here to demonstrate the type of device that SourceItRight will be distributing in Sudan & South Sudan as the partner of CardLogix.

This fantastic two-dimensional smart card can:

  • >Instantly Read, Decrypt and Display credential and user data from an intelligent chip
  • >Validate the digital signature against shown certificates from each country
  • >Authenticate the identity of the user against biometrics such as photo, signature, fingerprints, iris, or face) and then store the data in the credential segment of the smart card chip
  • >Verify the confirmed ID Credentials with optional imagery authentication
  • >Provide an alternative watch list and PEP compliance
  • >It offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface

Other related applications include:
Princeton Identity Access2 Iris Scanner & Face Camera
SecuGen Hamster Pro 2 Fingerprint Scanner (HU20-A)
SecuGen Hamster Pro Fingerprint
SecuGen iD-USP SC/PIV Fingerprint
Scanner and Smart Card Reader


Middleware is software that lies between an operating system and the applications running on it. Essentially functioning as a hidden translation layer, middleware enables communication and data management for distributed applications. In smart card applications, middleware is the API that lies between the smart card, smart card reader, and operating system. This section provides the reader with the bigger picture of how an operating system operates from the inter-connectivity of other miniature components that typically highlights the overall operational structure of each operating system.

As a partner of CardLogix, SourceItRight will continue to distribute the operating system and its inner connectivity components in Sudan and South Sudan.

Samples of middleware products

Middleware applications provide the complete solution that includes Tablet, Software, and Cards. The primary operations, they carry out include:

  • Mobile Biometric Identity Verification + Mobile Enrollment
  • >IP67 Rugged Handheld Device with Lightweight Feel
  • >Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Drop-Resistant
  • >Wi-Fi, GSM Cellular Services, and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • >Multimodal Biometrics: Fingerprints, Iris, Faceprint, Signature
  • >Onboard Smart Card Encryption for Secured Biometrics Storage
  • >Multi-Factor Authentication with 1:1 Biometric Matching
  • >Digital Display of Cardholder Information
  • >Write to Smart Card Directly (contact or contactless) or Send to Remote Location (Cloud database) or the device
  • >Verify biometric users’ information from Smart Card Directly (contact or contactless) or a Cloud database
  • >Biometric licenses from RankOne (Face), Princeton Identity (Iris), and NEURO technology (Face and Iris)
  • >Features Contact & Contactless MOST Smart Cards
  • >Compliant for Seamless Connectivity to idblox Products
  • >Standard and Custom Versions Available
  • >The tablet may be purchased without software or cards
  • >FBI Fingerprint certified algorithm with the Suprema fingerprint sensor
  • >Available language in English, Spanish, French, and German

All the products depicted in the above content make up all the top-quality tech gadgetry and miniature components within each system responsible for providing the gadgetry and middleware interconnectivity between the smart card, smart card reader, and the operating system already alluded to elsewhere in this article. As the leading distributor of CardLogix card types, SourceItRight will continue to distribute all these types of technical gadgetry and more throughout Sudan and South Sudan.