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Companies Collaborate on Launching Four Maine Solar Projects

Jared Schoch Nautilus Solar Energy LLC and TurningPoint Energy are working on four community solar projects in Maine, totaling 25.5 MW DC of solar capacity. The projects, located in Somerset, Kennebec, Androscoggin and Knox Counties, are in the late stages of development, with construction started in Q2 2021. When fully operational, the projects are expected […]

6 Truck Tents to Buy 2021

Napier/Amazon The options for camping setups these days are nearly endless. From a basic ground tent to an expensive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, the sky’s the limit when it comes to comfort—and price. One unique option for pickup drivers is the truck-bed tent, which combines the lightweight familiarity of a ground tent with the comfort and […]

ZF North America Joins DTE Energy MIGreenPower program

Martin Fischer ZF North America Inc. is now enrolled in DTE Energy’s voluntary renewable energy MIGreenPower program. The program enables DTE Electric customers to attribute a greater percentage of their electricity use to DTE’s wind and solar projects beyond the 15% already included in customers’ energy mix. ZF North America […]

Advanced Manufacturing and Factory Automation Products – Motion Control

PI USA – 50 Ways to Use a Hexapod Hexapod micro-motion 6-axis platforms are based on a very flexible concept that can easily solve complex motion and alignment problems in fields including Optics, Photonics, Precision Automation, Automotive, and Medical Engineering. Learn More About PI USA (Physik Instrumente) Zaber’s X-LRQ-DE Series: High Precision Stages with […]

Frontier internet review: Beware, customer service

Frontier provides both DSL and fiber-optic service and has a presence in 38 states. It offers fiber internet in just five of those: California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. These areas are typically ignored by other fiber-optic internet providers, so Frontier may be your only option for wicked fast speeds.  The company pairs its plans with […]

All Manufacturing and Automation Stories and Videos

3 Ways to Improve Industry 4.0 OEE Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) has been a leading manufacturing performance metric for decades. As Industry 4.0 has taken off, manufacturers now have a range of new tools and techniques that can improve their OEE scores. The Smart Move to More Efficient and Safer Maintenance Operations With many maintenance […]

Meyer Burger Adds Solar Roof Tiles to Product Portfolio

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd. is expanding its product portfolio with a roof-integrated high-performance solar system that can be installed easily just like traditional roof tiles. The company has acquired the full intellectual property related to a solar roof tile solution from a German engineering service provider specializing in photovoltaics and […]