Solar energy developer Verogy completed solar projects at three city schools in West Haven, Connecticut. The 1,888 panels comprising West Haven’s three projects will produce approximately 969,685 kWh of renewable energy in their first year.

Credit: Verogy

West Haven and Verogy made a power purchase agreement (PPA) that makes it possible for West Haven to purchase electricity at a discounted rate. The PPA locks in this lower rate so that if electricity costs rise in the future, West Haven will continue to pay a reduced amount for electricity for the 25-year term of the agreement.

“We’re grateful for our partnership with Verogy and the work they’ve done to install solar energy systems at three of our schools, furthering West Haven’s goal of reducing our carbon footprint,” said Neil Cavallaro, superintendent of West Haven Schools. “In addition to benefitting the environment, going green also reduces taxpayer costs, and is a great lesson for future generations attending our schools.”

The three projects are installed at Carrigan Intermediate School (360 kWDC), Bailey Middle School (360 kWsub>DC) and Former Anna V. Molloy School (115 kWsub>DC).

“Our West Haven projects not only help in the fight against climate change, but they also deliver renewable power at a reduced cost to West Haven,” said William Herchel, co-founder and CEO of Verogy. “We appreciate this unique opportunity to bring clean energy to West Haven.”

Adam Teff, general manager of Titan Energy’s generation division, added: “The City of West Haven and Titan Energy have worked closely together for many years to manage the city’s energy costs and lighting upgrades. We view our solar procurement efforts as a natural extension of our mandate to keep electricity costs low and predictable over the long term.”

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