By Quincy Goss, Digital Content Associate, Aurora Solar

The solar industry runs on technology, whether it’s the panels you’re putting on roofs or the solutions you’re using to sell and design PV systems. The technology that helps power the solar industry is changing quickly, and the processes that worked for your sales team three years ago may no longer compete in today’s market.

This month on the blog and in The Current, we’re focusing on all aspects of solar sales, which technology is certainly a big part of. So far, we’ve taken a deep dive into types of consumer behaviors and how to tailor sales tactics based on them and explored how to avoid common (and costly) mistakes with leads and referrals by using different communication techniques.

To conclude our solar sales month series, in this post we’ll be exploring best practices for teams looking to streamline their sales process and scale in the age of remote and hybrid sales. As part of it, we’ll highlight the best solar software features businesses need to stay ahead of the curve.

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