SnapNrack has earned Miami-Dade County’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) of integrated flashing technology with its SpeedSeal solar rooftop attachments and the RL Universal Roof Mount System is the first and only railless roof attachment to earn the NOA approval.

Solar mount manufacturer SnapNrack earned Miami-Dade County, Florida’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) on integrated flashing technology for its SPeedSeal roof attachments, making its RL Universal Roof Mount system the first rail-less roof attachment with an NOA approval.

Miami-Dade County has the country’s strictest requirements for construction, and regulates specific building products as part of its NOA process, due to the region’s extreme weather conditions from annual hurricanes.

An NOA covers both structural engineering and water ingress within one approval, eliminating the need for site-specific stamped engineering and streamlining the permitting process. Authority having jurisdictions in surrounding areas accept the NOA for its product approval standards.

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