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All in One: SAUTER Vision Center Version 7 combines building, maintenance and room management with energy management and building analytics. An individual user interface and additional charts simplify the operation and visualisation.

SAUTER Vision Center, your Building Intelligence Hub

The increasing room comfort demands of building users mean continuous investment in technology and software is required. At the same time, the innovations ensure that the value of a building is maintained or increased in the long term. Holistic building management systems must therefore have three essential characteristics to ensure resource-optimised operation: They should be continuously adjusted to new requirements, be customisable, and have a simple, clear design.

With SAUTER Vision Center version 7.0 (SVC), SAUTER is launching a new major release of its successful building, energy and maintenance management software. The special focus of this version is on the new Analytics and Energy Management module, or AEM for short.

The Highlights: Real-time analytics and energy management

AEM, the tool for plant optimisers and plant operators, enables operational and plant analysis based on the historical data recorded with SVC. Here, visual representations such as carpet and scatter plots, but also statistical evaluation options with histogram charts and the optional calculation of the Gaussian distribution are available.

SAUTER Vision Center, your Building Intelligence Hub
With the display of scatter and carpet plots, operating pattern and setpoint deviations can be detected immediately.

Further functions very useful for plant operation can be found in the Analytics module. These enable, among other things, the generation and validation of operating patterns. With analytics, deviations from operating patterns, differences between setpoints and actual values, and oscillations can thus be detected in real time. With the help of real-time analytics, building operators, building managers and plant optimisers are immediately notified if their plants are running outside defined ranges. It is thus possible to react without delay to abnormal plant behaviour.

This information can be received as alarm messages or taken from the dashboard in the form of KPIs. With the definition of different limit values, KPIs can be displayed using traffic light displays and other display instruments, and alarm information can be categorised so that, for example, in the case of deviations within 5%, the traffic light information is set to green, and in the case of deviations of more than 15%, a red traffic light calls for direct action.

SAUTER Vision Center, your Building Intelligence Hub
Various KPIs and other widgets are available in the dashboard for displaying information, for example charts, plant images, tables or links.

Benefits for different application areas regarding the building

New functions are also available for the building management area in SVC: The Object Information Board (OIB) shows all information for the object at a glance. For example, where the data point (object) is used, associated alarm messages, the quick chart function, references, and the option to store notes and documents. Conveniently, there is a link to the OIB in all the list views, SVC documents and charts in which objects can be found.

Numerous projects with direct communication with the customer have allowed SVC to mature into what it is today: a universal building management and integration platform that benefits all application areas. Plant overview, room utilisation, building operation, energy management, building maintenance or analytics – all to be found in just one system.


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