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The smart way of crimping whatever the task: Phoenix Contact’s new Crimpfox Duo 16S tool is now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

Phoenix Contact Release New Crimping Tool

Phoenix Contact’s Crimpfox Duo 16S tool comes with pivoted dies which allows both frontal and lateral ferrule feed.

  • Pivoted dies make connecting hard-to-reach wires easy
  • East to squeeze due to narrow handle design for optimal use of hand grip strength
  • Suitable for twin cord end ferrules due to stepless auto-adjustment

Phoenix Contact are among the leading manufacturers of assembly and installation tools, also supplying a wide range of hand tools. The latest product released by the company this year is the Crimpfox Duo 16S crimping tool which is now also available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform. “Working with Conrad means working with a competent and reliable distributor who knows the importance of quality and functionality when it comes to electrical wiring tools,” explains Dirk Topp, Channel Partner Sales Promotion Manager at Phoenix Contact.

The stand-out feature of the Crimpfox Duo 16S are pivoted dies which enable the frontal and lateral insertion of ferrules. Unlocking the coloured latch on the crimper head allows rotating the dies which makes crimp-connecting hard-to-reach cables significantly easier. Moreover, the tool is suited for both insulated and uninsulated ferrules. The product also comes with a self-adjusting mechanism to accommodate twin cord end ferrules up to a size of 2 x 6 mm2.

Thanks to an ergonomic design and an optimised weight distribution, the Crimpfox Duo 16S handles extremely well. Being both lightweight and compact ensures effortless use. The narrow handle width prevents fatigue building up during prolonged tasks. And this despite of being suited for cable cross sections between 0.14 and 16 mm2.

Learn more about the Crimpfox Duo 16S here

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