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For maximum security of heating supply.

MeiFlow L pump groups with twin pumps

Wherever critical infrastructures need to be provided with heating energy, a redundant supply guarantees reliability. Flamco is now meeting this need by expanding their product range of the MeiFlow L Pump groups for the high-performance range with the introduction of versions with twin pumps. The reason: It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Every installer can tell you a thing or two about it: Of all times, it is in winter, when the reliable supply of heating is most important, that most failures occur – after all, this is when the system is operating the most hours and the probability of defects is statistically higher than in summer, when the heating may not be used at all.

What is a major annoyance for the residents of a house can have serious consequences elsewhere, for example when entire residences or critical infrastructures such as hospitals or nursing homes are affected. With the new MeiFlow L Pump group as a twin pump version, supply redundancy and thus supply security can be established. If one pump fails for whatever reason, the second one takes over. The system operators thus gain important time to organise repairs or procure replacements.

High performance design
“Due to their power range of over 100 kW, the MeiFlow L Pump groups are particularly suitable for commercial applications and public facilities where the consequences of a possible pump failure are particularly devastating and the desire for supply security is correspondingly high,” says Christian Kirchhoff, Product Manager at Flamco. A total of 12 different product variants with twin pumps are now available, both for indirect and direct heating circuits and for output ranges with nominal diameters ranging from DN 40 to DN 65. The pumps are high-quality models from WILO.

In addition, customers can expect all the advantages of the MeiFlow L Pump groups as well in the twin pump versions: a fill and drain valve and additional 1/2” connections increase flexibility in installation. The pump groups are compatible with the Flamco Large Manifold system, and the BigFixLock connectors required for installation are already included with delivery.

In contrast to flange and welded connections, this allows the pump group to be installed in a space-saving manner and also compensates for thermal expansion. Thanks to the quick-connection technology, assembly is time-saving and easy, as no specialist tools are required. Furthermore, the pump groups can be configured project-specifically, for example with actuator and a meter installation fitting.

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