Telenor IoT has once again partnered with Northstream, an Accenture company, to identify trends for the latest edition of its IoT Prediction Report.

In recent years, enterprises both large and small have evolved through digital transformation. The speed of change has been remarkable and shows no sign of slowing. In the latest edition of the IoT Prediction report, Northstream and Telenor predict that over the next three years, digital transformation will accelerate driven by three forces: the impact of the pandemic, sustainability, and new advancements in digital technology.

The latest edition of the IoT Prediction Report, produced by Northstream and commissioned by Telenor IoT, provides insight into the macro trends that will shape the market for years to come. The IoT Prediction Report is intended for C-level executives and decision makers as well as those interested in the underlying trends shaping the IoT industry.

Mats Lundquist, CEO at Telenor IoT, says:

“We see three macro trends that are currently accelerating innovation and technology. The combined effect of these three macro trends will open new business opportunities that will transform markets in unprecedented ways. The winners will be the companies that embrace the possibilities early and dare to innovate their business based on an understanding of the customer needs and commercial value.”

The report’s findings reveal that a perfect storm has been brewing: The pandemic pushed corporate entities to accelerate their digital journeys. At the same time, massive tech infrastructure investments have created a fast lane onto the digital highway encouraging more investment in ever-innovative solutions underpinned by 5G. And both underscored the urgency of regulation and innovation in sustainability.
Healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and countless other industries stand to profit immensely from the opportunities now emerging.

Bengt Nordström, CEO of Northstream, says:
“We are really living in transformative times. Between the future and the past. The companies that are quick to adapt, the early adopters, will reap the rewards earlier, while the companies that fail to act run the risk of being left behind. With this report we have highlighted the trends that will affect this shift the most, and we have emphasized the transformative steps organizations will need to take in order to stay in the game.”

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