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Light Management Systems (LMS).

High-bay lighting installations made easy!

HubSense – the new, wireless control system from OSRAM
High-bay installations with ceiling heights of more than 5 meters for lighting systems including motion and daylight sensors can be highly challenging and expensive at the same time. Most of the sensors available on the market are not suitable for installation heights above 5 meters – and the general installation, maintenance and service costs are usually higher than for ceilings with a height between 3 and 5 meters. And as a general rule, working on high-bay lighting installations takes more time and requires additional technical equipment, such as a boom lift.

The new HubSense system facilitates commissioning, reprogramming, site inspections etc. because all these workflows become much simpler and more cost-efficient. Thanks to wireless Bluetooth Mesh communication, you can now keep standing on the floor of the hall while adjusting, operating, and maintaining your high-bay lighting: simply via your smartphone or tablet. The smart device establishes a direct wireless connection with the HubSense system components installed.

The high-bay sensors available enable motion and daylight detection and are the perfect choice for installation heights of up to 17 meters! Depending on the preferred installation type, sensors are available for luminaire or ceiling mounting.

You can find detailed information on HubSense, including a list of available products and the system description, at the following link:

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