It’s amazing how quickly devices build up. A smartphone, tablet, earbuds. Then perhaps a separate work smartphone, or your partner’s devices.

Pretty soon, every power outlet in your home or office is plugged up with a charger. And every charger comes with a wire, and soon everything is a tangle of wires.

There’s got to be a better way.

And there is.

Get yourself a charging station, such as the Satechi Dock5 multi-device charging station.


It features:

  • One Qi wireless charging pad (up to 10W)
  • Two USB-C PD ports (up to 20W each)
  • Two USB-A ports (up to 12W each)
  • The Dock5 features built-in silicone dividers to hold your devices and protect them from scratches and scuffs when charging (great to spot people putting something on top of your devices!).

There’s a subtle blue light on the front of the dock, which is unobtrusive most of the time, but if you find it annoying (which you might do if you use this in a bedroom at night) then it’s nothing that a bit fo black tape can’t solve.

Charging cables sold separately — you can either buy bespoke Satechi cables for the dock, or use whatever cables you already have (12-inch/30cm cables are perfect for this dock).

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