Share your smart home with complete peace of mind

The delta dore account makes it easy! create your account and give household members access to your smart home; you can even add guests while they’re staying with you. View and manage the list of people with access to your smart home.

Easy to connect

Got a new smartphone or tablet? with your delta dore account, connecting a new device to your tydom gateway is child’s play.

Smart support

With your delta dore account, you can send an invitation to your installer if necessary. they will be able to assist you remotely and access your installation from their app. problem solved? you retain control to remove your installer’s access.

Just one account for everything

No more need for multiple accounts to activate services on your app (voice assistants, tycam smart cameras etc.). With the same account, you can easily connect to all your other sites (second homes, shops, offices etc.).

How does it work?

It’s simple: when connecting to the tydom app, select “i am an installer” and follow the instructions, entering the information requested (name etc.). once you’ve created your account, you can now benefit from all these new features.

Keeping your data safe: our priority

We are responsible for all personal data you give us.we ensure that we comply with personal data regulations in order to protect and secure your data.

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