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You’re owner of a Tydom Home or Tydom Pro smart home hub. Discover Easy, a range designed so that your lighting gives you more than just light. The light bulbs and the sockets transform your traditional lighting into smart lighting.


Easy will make your lights, your chandeliers, or even your floor lamps features that very much contribute to your sense of well-being in your home: adjust the brightness, change the ambient colour, programme, create scenarios, manage remotely… it’s easy with Easy!

Easy makes your life easier
With Easy bulbs and your TYDOM HOME OR PRO SMART HOME HUB, you can create a wide range of ambient mood lighting effects – just how you like it. You can also highlight different white tones, depending on how warm a white they like, as well as dimming the light in each room depending on requirements at any given time.

In combination with the Tydom Home or Pro smart home hubs, whether you are at home or out and about, you can manage your lighting with a simple tap of your smartphone.

  • Programme your lighting with the help of a few quick on-screen controls, and everything will switch on just how you like it, at the desired moment in time
  • Check remotely that you have switched your lights off
  • Choose for your lights to switch on or off in certain rooms, depending on when the sun rises or sets, thanks to the astronomic control function included in the Tydom app.
Everything you do will contribute towards managing your consumption. And if you also have the Amazon alexa or google assistant voice assistant, you can control Easy using your voice.

Rest assured, you don’t have to be a DIY enthusiast to install Easy products.

Do you know how to screw in a bulb? Do you know how to plug in an adapter? Then you know how to install Easy.

Easy LED bulbs are available with various types of fittings: E27 – GU10 – E14


The Easy smart socket also allows you to control a light or, if you prefer, an electrical appliance with a max power of 13A.

Ideal for a floor lamp or an accent lamp, all you have to do is connect to a wall socket and add it to the Tydom app, and you will be able to control it from a smartphone, or using your voice, with a voice assistant.
Its repeater function (as for the bulbs) allows you to extend the range of the Zigbee signal within the property.

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