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Delta Electronics

With over six million Electric Vehicles (EV) on the EU’s roads and the number set to increase further, Delta is proud to be associated with an initiative that aims to deliver an effortless charging and payment experience. Delta is working closely with CharIN, the leading global association dedicated to promoting interoperability based on the Combined Charging System as the global standard for charging vehicles of all kinds.

CharIN’s Plug & Charge initiative enables automated communication and billing processes between electric vehicles and charging stations without the need for RFID cards, credit/debit cards or charging apps, while ensuring high levels of security. It enables automatic authentication and authorisation at each charging station, so that the customer can enjoy a seamless and easy charging process.

As the leading provider of fully integrated EV infrastructure solutions, Delta’s commitment to ongoing investment in Research and Development (R&D) has been recognised by Clarivate, which identified it as a Top Global Innovator. Today, Delta has 73 R&D centres, more than 9,000 R&D engineers and over 10,000 patents. It invests approximately 8% of its sales revenue to R&D which, in part, has helped ensure its solutions meet the charging needs of EV drivers and charging site operators.

Delta is an advocate of industry initiatives that ensure a safe, uniform and simplified process for charging EVs. Therefore, Delta is proud to be working very closely with CharIN and to be one of the industry partners supporting this important and transformative initiative.

To make it easier to identify which solutions offer the convenience of Plug & Charge functionality, CharIN recently unveiled a distinctive new logo. This will help EV drivers distinguish which chargers offer an uncomplicated charging and payment process. Thanks to the combined efforts of CharIN and its partners, we’re excited about the new logo soon becoming synonymous with easy, secure and convenient EV charging for all EV drivers.

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