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Flexible room booking, mobile workstations, mobile inventory and parking reservations make Mobile Building Services the ideal system for today’s way of working. Users not only control room functions via an app, they can also use it to access options to make reservations all around the building.


An app for flexible building use
SAUTER’s Mobile Building Services (MBS) play a key role in providing a digital user experience. Access to room operating options is provided based on indoor smartphone localisation and a personal authentication code.

In the background, MBS are linked to the local building management system, through which the utilisation of rooms and workstations can be viewed at any time. This allows demand-oriented management and optimisation of room utilisation. In addition, predefined scenarios ensure convenience and energy efficiency, in particular by directly linking reservation times to corresponding scenarios.

New functions for end users
The end user app Mobile Room Control (MRC) was redesigned in the spring. MBS 2.0 now provides three new reservation functions which are especially tailored to today’s flexible working world.

Meeting rooms and mobile workstations

  • The reservation of meeting rooms is an integral part of the Mobile Room Control app. Additional options are now available for an even more precise selection:
  • Personal favourites lists
  • Room selection based on the number of participants
  • Reservation of shared inventory or equipment, such as projectors
  • Specification of room seating or table arrangement
Assets and equipment
Assets and technical equipment can also be reserved independently of the room booking. This not only ensures that everything necessary is available but also serves operators’ demands for more efficient resource management.

Parking spaces
Individual or multiple parking spaces can be booked for specific time slots via the MRC app. MRC app users such as employees can reserve free parking spaces for themselves and for selected persons.

Individual room control with comprehensive building management for comfort and energy efficiency
How is the digital transformation manifesting itself in buildings and facilities? It is no longer possible to imagine everyday life and smart buildings without digital systems and processes. They are also crucial to today’s flexible way of working and have helped change the way workplaces and shared equipment are handled.

SAUTER’s Mobile Building Services support end users in the digital processes for office buildings, apartments or hotels. MBS combine local building management with individual room operation via smartphone and tablet – regardless of location and time.

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