Lead-acid battery manufacturer Crown Battery will power its manufacturing operations out of Fremont, Ohio, with 100% renewable energy, starting immediately. Crown has signed a contract with AEP Energy to source clean energy through AEP’s Integrated Renewable Energy (IRE) solution. This long-term, fixed-price retail energy option supports new, locally sourced wind and solar — for more than 12 years beginning in January 2023.

While the new renewable projects are being developed and built, Crown Battery will purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) until the IRE supply begins.

“Sustainability is a key buying requirement for us, and we aren’t alone,” said John Connell, Vice President of SLI Products Group, Crown Battery Manufacturing. “More and more, our customers are asking, ‘Do you have a sustainability program in place?’ And companies have openly told us that they switched from prior suppliers to us because of our green manufacturing efforts.”

“Crown’s battery type is already more recyclable than an aluminum can, according to the US EPA,” says Hal Hawk, President of Crown Battery. “This commitment to renewable energy makes our batteries even greener.”

According to the EPA, lead-acid batteries are 99% recycled — the most recycled product in North America. And 80% of the material for new batteries of this chemistry comes from previously recycled batteries.

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