Arctech, a solar tracking, racking and building-integrated-photovoltaics solutions provider, launched its latest single-axis solar tracking system, SkyLine II, a one-in-portrait (1P) tracker.

SkyLine II has both an enlarged tracker chord and length to address stability challenges from large-format modules.

Arctech’s new single-axis solar tracking system SkyLine II

“Featuring a pentagonal torque tube and a synchronous multi-point drive mechanism, Skyline II is one of the few truly rigid 1P trackers in the industry. The design does not only stiffen SkyLine II by equipping it with larger bending and torsional capabilities but also allows for the highest stability at all tracking tilts,” said Bruce Wang, chief technology officer of Arctech at the product launch ceremony. “Due to the design, SkyLine II utilizes the fewest posts per megawatt in the industry (180 posts/MW), which consequently decreases engineering, procurement, construction’s cost by about 2%.”

The pentagonal torque tube provides SkyLine II with larger bending and torsion ranges.

The synchronous multi-point drive mechanism rigidifies the tracker to the point of enabling 0° wind stow mode to keep safe wind pressure levels on the new large-format modules and prevent cracking and delamination. Skyline II triggers wind stows at 22 m/second.

Skyline II can adapt to different numbers of strings per tracker by adding or removing posts and drives. This design choice was made to have the system adapt to different terrains.

“For years, Arctech has been committed to contributing to a more innovative and efficient PV industry. The latest examples included the new SkyLine II tracker, our own tracker-specific wind tunnel test facility and so on. Arctech is also an active player in formulating international and domestic standards for tracker-related products, working with partners to make this God-given energy affordable to the world.” said Guy Rong, president of global business at Arctech.

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