UK-based Carbon Neutral Energy is expanding into the United States with its mobile energy storage systems.

By using mobile, modular energy storage systems, CNE can deliver expandable, large-capacity energy storage solutions to customers. The company is looking to the Texas market first.

“Battery storage is a vital in balancing the grid. Without storage, power emergencies such as those in Texas could occur again across the globe,” said CNE sales director Philip Patterson. “With ongoing climate change, these events could become more frequent, so we believe the time to act is now and are getting into the U.S. market early. Our vision is that our product range will help achieve greater efficiencies and build resilience into the Texas grid.”

A company rep confirmed to Solar Power World that CNE uses lithium-based batteries, with a focus on lithium-iron phosphate (LFP). The large capacity batteries range from 1-MW to 5-MW and can be customized to meet any system size, potentially creating gigawatt storage systems.

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