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To mark Theben AG’s centenary, the company is presenting an anniversary edition of the theben-timer 26 in three special colors. The analogue plug-in time switch was developed in 1976 and has since become a bestseller in Theben’s product range with over 33 million devices sold worldwide.

The legend lives on: theben-timer 26 as a 100 year anniversary edition

Alarm clocks, coffee machines or aquariums, TVs or Christmas tree lights, WiFi routers or voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa: with the theben-timer 26, a wide variety of loads can be reliably switched on and off. Anyone who goes on vacation programs several devices in the house with different times and creates a simple type of presence simulation, as offered by modern smart home systems: the house appears to be inhabited from the outside and is protected against break-ins. In addition to the added convenience, theben-timer 26 also reduces energy consumption, as devices do not remain in power-hungry standby mode.

For the 100th company anniversary in 2021, Theben is now releasing the theben-timer 26 in three special colors: yellow, light blue and salmon red. The devices are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Haigerloch, Swabia, and come with a 100-year guarantee on the special edition.

Paul Sebastian Schwenk, 4th generation CEO of the family business, is convinced of the qualities of the theben-timer: “With over 33 million copies sold, our theben-timer is synonymous with our high product quality and reliability worldwide. We are particularly proud of stories about devices that have been in daily use for over 40 years. We are certain that the theben-timer will continue to live on as a tried and tested analogue classic in an increasingly digital environment.”

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