Cisco continues to grow, even in an economic downturn, so its future looks bright for those looking for tech careers well into the future. And now, network administrators looking to level up in their careers can get all the training they need to compete in the constantly-changing network technologies industry with The Complete 2021 Cisco Certification Training Bundle.

The previous CCNA certification became obsolete in February 2020. Instead of having to take several exams in various subjects, you can take one exam that includes several of them for the current 2020 CCNA certification. CCNA 200-301 is now the industry standard for networking certification and the “Cisco CCNA 200-301” course will help you to achieve this top certification without becoming overwhelmed.

While not designed for the complete beginner in networking, the “Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Routing & Switching” course is meant to raise the level of competency in Cisco systems and devices field technicians need in order to help clients with their networking equipment. The instruction should be sufficient for students to pass the 100-490 Exam.

Once you’ve completed CCNA certification, you can move on to specialized areas. The “Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENARSI” prepares you for Exam 300-410 by covering how to implement and troubleshoot advanced routing services and technologies. While the “Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENSLD” course provides the information you will need on design network architecture that is required for Cisco enterprise networks to pass Exam 300-420.

You will learn all you need to know to pass Exam 350-401 in the “Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENCOR” course, which covers implementing technologies in enterprise networking. As a bonus to exam prep, the “Hands-On with CISCO Modeling Labs 1 & 2” will teach you how to create models and what-if scenarios for networks in the real world and for the future, whether you are familiar with VIRL 1.x or completely new to it.

The courses in this bundle have all achieved a rating of 4.47 out of 5 stars from previous students, so there is no question about their effectiveness. 

Move up in your career as a network administrator by learning at your own pace everything you need for official Cisco certifications. Get The Complete 2021 Cisco Certification Training Bundle while you can get these 75 hours of lessons for only $69.

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