Eos Energy Enterprises Inc., a provider of zinc-based energy storage systems, has secured its largest customer order to date – a commitment by Blue Ridge Power, a solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm.

Blue Ridge Power is purchasing 300 MWh of energy storage systems over the next two years. Installation is scheduled to begin in summer 2022 at a site owned by developer Pine Gate Renewables. Eos will supply its zinc-powered Znyth technology for multiple projects in 2022 and 2023.

“We are thrilled to partner with Blue Ridge Power on this historic project to bring more energy storage to the U.S., where we are creating jobs and increasing manufacturing capacity,” says Joe Mastrangelo, CEO of Eos. “We have a proven technology that is both scalable and bankable and look forward to using this project as a paradigm for other independent power producers and developers to follow suit.”

As a manufacturer of long-duration (3-12 hour) energy storage solutions, Eos manages the variability of renewable energy sources by providing reliable power to applications across the energy value chain, including utilities, and industrial and commercial sites. Its Znyth battery is designed to provide continuous power upon installation and is projected to have a useful life of 20 years. Developed in Edison, N.J. and constructed of non-rare earth materials, Zynth batteries are proven safe across a range of operating conditions and are 100% recycleable at the end of life.

“This win is the result of an effective and productive relationship that we cultivated with Pine Gate and Blue Ridge Power over time,” adds Balki Iyer, Eos’ chief commercial officer. “They are true pioneers in the energy storage market who see the financial value, lifecycle benefits and social impact that Eos’ sustainable battery technology offers for the stationary storage industry and we are thankful for their confidence in Eos.”

“With this agreement, we’re committing to more than just a high quality and innovative storage solution,” mentions Chris Dunbar, CEO of Blue Ridge Power. “We’re committing to a product that supports the growth of American jobs, American manufacturing and provides an important domestic source for high-quality storage.”

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