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Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today unveiled the Square D X and XD Series connected wiring devices to the public for the first time at the 2021 CEDIA Expo.

Schneider Electric Launches Square D™ X and XD Series Connected Wiring Device Lines Offering Greater Insight and Control of Residential Energy
  • Schneider Electric shares new connected wiring device lines with the public for the first time at 2021 CEDIA Expo
  • Connected devices can be controlled conveniently through a smart phone app or with voice activation through a smart speaker
  • Full line of connected light switches, dimmers and outlets automate the home’s lighting, allow discrete control of power and provide energy usage at the plug level to optimize home energy use
  • Feature-rich X Series easily installs to provide a refreshed modern look and smart home compatibility, while XD Series offers a premium version with additional design options

As the best value in wiring devices, the X Series is feature-rich, including easy installation, refreshed modern design and smart home compatibility. The XD Series takes this further providing a more premium option with additional design features, a range of colors and a more sophisticated cover plate option that can easily be changed. Now, homeowners can completely change the look without rewiring the device!

Connectivity of this new line establishes a new benchmark for home wiring devices. With embedded sensors that monitor energy consumption, these devices complete the grid-to-plug solution enabling intelligent home energy management via Wi-Fi and Z-Wave. This real-time energy monitoring offers greater insight into energy down to the device level, providing new levels of control to homeowners through the Wiser Energy monitoring app to optimize their overall home energy use.

As the most sustainable corporation in the world, Schneider Electric recognizes the challenge facing today’s homeowners in balancing the increasing need for residential energy and a desire for modern convenience and modern aesthetics. These sleek devices raise the bar for both with a refreshed design and convenient control from a smartphone or through a smart speaker, like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, for voice activation.

“Homes are on track to become the single-largest consumer of electricity while the cost of that electricity continues to rise, offering two-fold challenge to today’s homeowners,”
said Richard Korthauer, Vice President, Home & Distribution, Schneider Electric. “The new X and XD Series connected wiring devices offer greater insight and control to help homeowners optimize their energy use, paired with a modern look and the convenient functionality that fits their lifestyle.”

Classic functionality meets ease of installation
The all new Square D connected wiring devices bring classic functionality with a new ease of installation and safety:

  • Tamper-resistant shutters put safety at the forefront, without making it visibly obvious
  • Side-mounted pressure plates speed wiring time with better accessibility
  • Larger cutouts allow easy-access space for wire snips
  • Self-grounded clips replace ground wire for media box application
  • Ground wire holes for faster installation of the ground wire to the ground screw

The new Square D X Series line of connected wiring devices is now available, and the XD series line will be available in October.

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