Heated car seat covers are practical accessories that protect your car’s seats and make them more comfortable, especially if you live in a place that experiences cold winters. Using expert recommendations, we’ve created this guide to help you find the ideal heated seat cover to keep your seats clean and you warm while driving.

What Is a Heated Car Seat Cover?

A heated car seat cover sits on top of the seats in a car and provides heat when turned on. It helps protect the surfaces of your seats from spills and keeps you warm while you drive. Heated car seat covers can be especially helpful for cars in areas with intense winters as well as cars that don’t already have heated seats. Features most heated car seat covers have include:

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Indicator light
  • Programmable timer
  • Massage capabilities

    Using a heated car seat cover can have many benefits, such as:

    • Comfort: A heated car seat cover can help keep you comfortable during drives by maintaining the temperature of your choice and providing heat during cold weather.
    • Additional heat source: Many cars take time to defrost the windows and warm up the interior, especially in very cold weather or during precipitation such as snow and sleet. Having heated car seat covers can add more heat sources to a car and reduce the time needed to warm it up before driving.
    • Seat and interior protection: Any type of car seat cover can offer protection to your car’s seats by covering their surfaces, often with a material that’s easy to clean. This protection can be valuable during winter months by keeping seats dry even in snowy or icy conditions.
    • Muscle relaxation: Administering heat to your muscles can be a great way to relax them and prevent cramps or strain, which can develop during long drives. Some heated car seat covers also have massage features, which can provide even more relaxation to your muscles while driving or parked.
    • Lumbar support: Lumbar support can be essential on long drives, as having adequate support can prevent pain and cramping in the back. Many heated car seat covers are sturdy and can help you keep your back straight while driving by offering additional lumbar support.

      Types of Heated Car Seat Covers

      You can choose from many types of heated car seat covers. Using expert recommendations, we’ve organized this list of highly rated heated car seat covers:

      HealthMate IN9438-2 12V Velour Winter Seat Cushion

      The HealthMate Velour Winter Seat Cushion offers heating and cooling abilities that make it ideal for both winter and summer weather. It provides soothing heat to your back, thighs, and hips within minutes. This seat cover also provides massage features that use two vibrating motors to massage tissue and relax muscles.

      HealthMate IN9438-2 12V Velour Winter Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support, Heating with Easy Controller, Color Gray, Products by Wagan



      Sojoy Winter Car Seat Cushion

      The Sojoy Winter Car Seat Cushion is a great basic heated car seat cover that provides extra support through foam pads. It offers temperature settings that can produce heat on a high, medium, or low level. This cushion can also fit most standard-sized seats in any vehicle type. It’s made of high-quality, nonslip leather fabric that’s both safe and comfortable.

      Sojoy Winter Foam Car Seat Cushion with Comfort Foam, Chair Pad for Car, Home,Office in No-Slip Back Cover Gray

      How to Choose a Heated Car Seat Cover

      When trying to determine which heated car seat cover to buy, consider the following details:

      • Your vehicle: Think about the vehicle you drive before purchasing a heated car seat cover. You will want to choose a cover that fits your car’s size and electrical capacity, as some heated seat covers need to plug into an outlet to function.
      • Price: The budget you have to spend on a heated car seat cover can impact the type of cover you choose and the features you want. For example, if you’re interested in a cover with massage features, you might need to look at more expensive options.
      • Weather: If you live in a location that experiences intense winters with snow and ice, then it might be ideal for you to purchase a heated car seat cover. However, if your location primarily has mild weather and warmer temperatures, you might not need a heated car seat cover.
      • Your driving style: Your driving style can indicate how helpful a heated car seat cover might be by identifying how much you prioritize comfort while driving. For example, if you prefer to drive in a laid-back and relaxed position, a heated car seat cover might be a good purchase.

        How to Replace/Install a Heated Car Seat Cover

        Disclaimer: The guidelines presented here are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

        Clear the seats

        Before opening your heated seat cover, make sure the seats you want to cover are clear. Remove any personal items currently sitting on or under the seats of your car.

        Attach the cover to the seat

        Use the provided straps to attach the cover to the car seat. This process might involve using buckles or ties to fasten the straps around the back and bottom of the seat.

        Secure the cover in the position you want

        Adjust the cover until it sits in your desired position. Then, tighten the straps to secure the seat cover in place.

        Plug in the cover’s power cable

        Most heated car seat covers use a cable that plugs into a car’s 12-volt outlet. Once your seat cover is secure, you can plug the cable in to begin using it.

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