At the OEM level, HBM can provide highly custom, fully integrated load cells designed to fit into actuators housing or anywhere within the mechanical system. This gives OEMs greater flexibility to have the load cell designed around their system and to their desired specifications. The list of applications that require precise force and load measurement is rapidly growing, and for various reasons. 

In manufacturing, we see advancements in material handling, molding, die-cutting, stamping and riveting pushing for a higher level of accuracy. Synchronized load balancing can be achieved in process automation through the use of force measurement using load cells.

Off-highway industrial vehicles are becoming more intelligent along with providing a higher level of safety.  This includes a higher level of control for agricultural equipment such as planting downforce, grain tank balancing, or safety overload condition monitoring on scissor lifts and crane hoists.   

Within medical facilities we see advancements in patient care with intelligent control of hospital beds, stair lifts, and lift tables.

As advancements in a wide range of industrial applications are made, there will be a greater need for precise load and force measurement where electric and hydraulic smart actuators are being implemented. HBM is ready to partner with OEMs to design and manufacture custom load cell solutions ready to handle tomorrow’s toughest challenges.


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