If you happen to be thinking that 2022 would be an excellent time to switch to a new well-paid career, then you may be interested to learn that Zip Recruiter shows entry-level Python programming salaries average $80,499 annually, and it’s one of the easiest programming languages to learn. With The 2022 Premium Python Programming PCEP Certification Prep Bundle, you can learn not only enough to begin a career, but also the skills that will keep you advancing steadily. Best of all, it is currently available for only $34.99.

Total beginners will probably want to start with “Practical Python: Learn Python Basics Step by Step – Python 3”. Former students have been very happy with it, rating it 4.8 out of 5 stars. Entrepreneur and software engineer Edouard Renard is the instructor and his step-by-step explanations make it a lot easier to understand complex information. By the end of the three hours of hands-on practice, you’ll have a firm foundation of Python fundamentals you can build upon.

That’s all you’ll need to take the “PCEP | Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification Preparation Course” that was created to help you achieve official certification in just seven days. You’ll be checking out drone or game gear bargains before you know it.

Continue to dive deeper into the newbie courses to get more practice. “Python Language Fundamentals: Learn Python from Scratch” offers four hours of content, plus you can get lots more in “Python 3: From ZERO to GUI programming 2022” and “The Complete 2022 Python Course”, both of which have nine hours of lectures.

You’ll gain more confidence with “The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications”. Or go all the way from novice to expert with “Python Hands-On with 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 5 Assignments, 2 Exams”. For more hands-on experience, you can build three entire websites in “Django 2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp”. For a little something different, try “Automatic Stock Trading with Python – Trading Bot Included!”.

Your marketable skills can be significantly improved when you feel ready for the intermediate-level courses “Deep Learning with Python” and “Machine Learning with Python”. Then finish up with “Python Data Analysis & Visualization”.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to easily learn lucrative Python skills, get The 2022 Premium Python Programming PCEP Certification Prep Bundle while it’s on sale for just $34.99.

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