Panasonic has released four new EverVolt solar modules and a redesigned EverVolt battery storage cabinet to the U.S. market today.

The EverVolt solar panels use half-cut cells with heterojunction technology (HJT). The four new modules, which will be available in Q3 2021, include:

  • EverVolt Solar Module Series 380-W/370-W modules feature efficiency ratings of 21.7% and 21.2%, respectively, and provide maximum power output for residential solar systems.
  • EverVolt Solar Module Black Series 370-W/360-W modules feature efficiency ratings of 21.2% and 20.6%, respectively, with a sleek all-black aesthetic design.

The panels are a 10-W improvement over the previous EverVolt line, announced in December 2020.

When installed by a Panasonic Authorized, Premium or Elite installer and registered through the Panasonic website, homeowners have access to two warranties: The Panasonic TripleGuard Warranty covers EverVolt panels for performance, product, parts and labor for 25 years, and the Panasonic AllGuard Warranty covers labor to replace and repair all major components in an EverVolt system. Applicable to Panasonic AC modules, this warranty covers solar modules combined with microinverters sold by Panasonic, and approved racking for 25 years and the monitoring hardware for five years. Modules installed by merchants outside of the Panasonic Installer Program receive a 25-year warranty on performance and product only.

“Building upon Panasonic’s 40-year legacy of commitment to and investment in the solar energy industry, we are excited to offer homeowners even more choices when considering high-efficiency modules,” said Mukesh Sethi, Director, Solar and Energy Storage, Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America. “The new modules are the latest technological evolutions in our roadmap of innovative solutions designed with homeowners’ and installers’ needs in mind.”

In addition to an expanded suite of module options, homeowners will soon be able to store more energy per square foot with a redesign of the EverVolt home battery storage cabinet that gives the system a smaller footprint. The new cabinet, which will be available beginning in June 2021, enables homeowners to stack more batteries and store more energy in a smaller space.

The improved cabinet will be 29 x 47 x 18 in. — 22 sq. in. smaller than the previous EverVolt battery storage model. The EverVolt battery is compatible with any solar module system or inverter and can be tailored to a homeowner’s individual needs. In addition to offering both the AC- and DC-coupled options, the energy storage system can be scaled down to as little as 11 kWh or expanded to 102 kWh.

The EverVolt energy storage system offers simple, one-person installation and is field serviceable. It also comes equipped with advanced software and a user-friendly app for homeowners, allowing customization between multiple operating modes and visibility into system status. The battery storage product is backed by a 10-year product and performance warranty.

“Interest in solar energy continues to climb, with more homeowners considering complete energy systems inclusive of both panels and storage. Events over the last few years have prompted people to serious consider solar as a back-up energy source in case of emergencies, as well as for every day living, as a reliable alternative to the grid,” said Sethi.

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