Padua, Italy, July 12, 2021 (Solar Business Hub) — FuturaSun announces the completion of a solar PV project by AJ Power for Danish company M.P. Socks SIA at its manufacturing facility in Latvia, featuring 708 FuturaSun Silk Pro 370 monocrystalline PV modules with a total capacity of 262 kW mounted on the ground and roof.

Silk Pro is a new series of monocrystalline PV modules with 120 MBB half-cut cells (360-380 Watt) suitable for any type of installation and an efficiency of up to 20,86% which secures a higher energy yield in case of shading thanks to its 2 independent sections and also guarantees optimal low light performances.

The system of solar panels installed has a pay-back period of 7 years. Each year the solar panels will generate 258,000 kWh of green energy, which represents approximately 32% of all power consumed annually by the manufacturing facility and will save over EUR 23,900 per year on electricity as well as prevent 72,9 tons of C02 emissions. Furthermore, the solar project does not require any additional investments.

Roberts Samtiņš, the CEO of AJ Power Group said:

“We are happy to provide cost-effective solutions to customers who share our values of environmental protection. This project is another example of the positive changes in Latvian business environment, spearheaded by Nordic companies. We are glad to have had the opportunity to further our mission of helping our customers implement the principles of circular economy and are determined to continue.”

Flemming Stender, Danish Ambassador to Latvia said:

“I am glad to see the investment in solar energy by Danish-owned company M.P. Socks. Denmark has set an example in the development of renewable sources of energy, both wind and solar. Renewable energy resources are highly competitive compared to traditional energy resources, and solar energy is an excellent opportunity to generate electricity for production facilities”.

Morten Bundgaard, the CEO of M.P. Socks Ltd. said:

“Carbon footprint will be reduced by 72,9 tons per year. We have made the greatest efforts to create a sustainable value chain and product journey. At our factory in Latvia, we follow all the European standards  that minimize the carbon footprint in our production. Transparency with our customers and stakeholders is always first place because we believe that honest business is good business.”


About FuturaSun

The Italian company FuturaSun was established in 2008 by a team of managers from Italy’s photovoltaic hub, in the heart of Veneto. The company is specialised in the manufacturing of high-performance photovoltaic panels which have passed the most stringent of tests to achieve prestigious certifications issued by laboratories from all over the world. FuturaSun’s photovoltaic panel manufacturing plants in Taizhou/China generate a total production capacity of 1 GW/year.

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About AJ Power Group

The largest private group of energy companies in Latvia combining the broadest and most modern service portfolio with the most experienced energy experts. By using the acquired and accumulated experience, we improve and develop our energy and waste management solutions to enable businesses to become involved in the circular economy.

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About M.P. Socks 

M.P. Socks SIA is the main socks knitting factory in Latvia owned by the Danish company mp Denmark A/S producing  7 million pairs of socks annually for customers all over the world.

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Press release by FuturaSun. Photo credit: FuturaSun.

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