Birdz & Sensoneo announce partnership to accelerate  their development in the Smart Waste segment

Birdz, a subsidiary of Veolia and pioneer in environmental IoT, and Sensoneo, a specialist in Smart Waste solutions for cities and businesses, announced a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating their joint development in the international market of intelligent management and recovery of waste.

A need to optimize waste collection for better management

“The partnership with Sensoneo started from a simple observation. In France as well as globally, the current waste recovery offer only covers very little of the collection part”, explains Christian Carrara, at Birdz. “Waste is collected at predefined times which are in fact not correlated with the actual rate of filling of the dumpsters. Optimizing collection would allow communities to reduce costs, avoid unnecessary travel to improve their environmental performance, and provide better service to their fellow citizens to prevent them from finding themselves in front of dumpsters full.”

To support cities and businesses in this issue, Birdz, already acclaimed by more than 3,300 cities for its environmental IoT solutions, is today forging a partnership with Sensoneo, an international company based in Slovakia that operates in 60 countries, and whose solutions are aimed to make the world a cleaner place by improving waste management. Through several dedicated Smart Waste offers (Asset Management, Waste Monitoring and Collection Planner), Sensoneo succeeds in reducing waste collection routes by 30-63% which directly impacts emissions and fuel and enables customers to monitor actual waste production with 97% off accuracy.

This partnership will allow the two players to combine their expertise to bring an innovative and complete Smart Waste solution to the international market. The offer will initially focus on Voluntary Contribution Points (PAVs – street bins with either public or private access) and will then extend to access control issues, particularly interesting for local authorities setting up incentive pricing systems according to the principle of polluter pays.

Martin Basila, CEO & Co-founder of Sensoneo, says:

“We greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with Birdz. They have succeeded in becoming leaders in environmental IoT and we believe that the combination of the know-how of our parties has the power to tangibly transform the way cities and businesses operate when it comes to waste. We look forward to the opportunities that our cooperation will bring.”

With a historic presence in the Smart Water market, Birdz has been extending its expertise to all Smart City issues for several years to support its customers in meeting the challenge of digital transformation. With more than 3.4 million connected objects deployed, Birdz collects and analyses 350 million pieces of data every day to identify the biggest ecological problems and provide concrete solutions.

Following the announcement of this partnership, Birdz and Sensoneo aim to launch a joint offer on the market by the first quarter of 2022.

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