The Solar Power World December 2021 Digital Edition is sponsored by CPS North America | Chint Power Global

Welcome to the 2022 Renewable Energy Handbook. We’re wrapping up another stellar installation year for renewable energy in the United States. And as busy as everyone has been, we’re sure a few standout stories missed your eyes this year. Don’t worry, this handbook reviews what has been trending in both the solar and wind industries in our sister publications Solar Power World and Windpower Engineering & Development. In addition to installation tips, service guides and O&M best practices, the 2022 Renewable Energy Handbook offers our editors’ picks for the top solar products released in the last year as well as the top wind projects recently brought online.

It appears that the U.S. legislative branch will be closing out 2021 with votes on some major bills, so be sure to check our two websites for the absolute latest on how the solar and wind industries will shake out in 2022. We’re crossing our fingers for extended ITCs, PTCs and new manufacturing credits!

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