Contrary to what the name radiator implies, only a small part of the heat transfer takes place through radiation, most of the heat is in fact transferred via convection. Convection is the air movement that is formed when the air in a room is affected by a heat source and rises, which can lead to the hot air accumulating at the ceiling if the radiator does not help to dissipate the heat in the room.

Electric radiator, oil filled radiator or fan convector – that is the question
Electric radiators, oil filled radiators and fan convectors all create a certain convection, but fan convectors have a built-in fan that helps to create a greater air flow in the room. This makes the fan convector the most energy-efficient alternative of the three, as it more efficiently evens out temperature differences between floor and ceiling and takes advantage of all other heat supplied to the room – for example from a wood stove, sunlight or heat pump – and spreads it out. Increased heat dissipation also creates a more pleasant climate in the room and warms the floor.

Discover more benefits with fan convectors in the table on this page, where we compared standard variants of electric radiators and oil-filled radiators with Frico’s fan convector PF Smart.

That’s why you should choose Frico’s fan convector PF Smart
Our fan convector PF Smart has an attractive, streamlined design with a white-lacquered aluminum front. Since the heat is dissipated from an element of aluminum profile, it can be regulated carefully and switches off when the temperature in the room reaches the specified value, unlike for example an oil filled radiator which continues to give off the heat stored in the oil even after switching off.

PF Smart not only helps to even out temperature differences in the room, the air movement that is created also contributes to fast heating and good drying ability, which makes PFS a good heat source in rooms such as conservatories, holiday homes, garages and wet areas. Thanks to PF Smart’s low proportion of radiant heat, it is possible to place furniture right next to it, and its low surface temperature means that it is also well suited for preschools and public spaces.

PF Smart comes in three different sizes and the front can be easily removed and painted any colour you wish. You can also control it via an app on your smartphone so that your country cottage will be warm by the time you arrive. We think that’s smart!

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