DSD Renewables has partnered with Solar Optimum to develop a 522-kW rooftop solar project for Molding Corporation of America, a full-service custom injection molding company based in Pacoima, California. The installation, which DSD will own and operate long-term, is expected to be operational in 2022.

“Molding Corporation of America has grown into one of the region’s leading molders and we’re equally proud to play a role in the nation’s transition to clean, affordable energy,” says Sandra Rinder, Vice President at Molding Corporation of America. “Thanks to the partnership between Solar Optimum and DSD, our facility in Pacoima, California, will soon host a rooftop solar installation and serve as a beacon for what responsible manufacturing looks like.”

The partnership between Solar Optimum and DSD is a product of DSD’s recently launched Developer Network. Through the Developer Network, Solar Optimum gains access to DSD Connect, a dedicated platform that provides partners with real-time pricing tools, access to competitive financing, standardized documents and marketing materials, and other resources to more efficiently build C&I distributed generation projects.

“DSD’s team, capabilities, and financial strength enable us to further add value to every project, portfolio, and client. No one else has their transparent and streamlined approach to project development, and it gives us the peace of mind to know that not only does our partner have integrity, but that it is an equitable relationship for everyone – including our clients,” says Ara Krikorian, Vice President – Commercial Development at Solar Optimum. “Together, we will help meet the growing demand for clean, reliable energy, and increase access to solar + storage throughout the region.”

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