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Are you spending too much time dealing with overly complex HVAC installations?
Are your HVAC products excluded from projects due to limited protocol support?

We can offer you a smarter way to help you achieve your business goals while reducing time-to-market.

Attend our HVAC webinar to learn how you can address complex integration challenges with a reliable and easy to use family of protocol gateways, and how they can help you sell more of your products.

MSA FieldServer HVAC Webinar

Often, HVAC manufacturers cannot bid for some projects because their product does not fully match the project specifications. Some of these specs that are difficult to match are in fact support for specific communication protocols, like BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, or other more industry-specific ones.

With over 400,000 gateways installed, over 24 years in the gateway market, the MSA FieldServer family of gateways can help all device OEMs to easily and inexpensively add support for the most common building automation protocols, allowing them to bid for more projects and sell more of their products. No engineering is required on their part, and the resulting solution is easy to use also for the field installation.

System integrators on the other hand, need to focus on minimizing installation time, and post-sales supports. Both are expensive activities that can be strongly impacted by the features of the network and infrastructure products used in the project.

They too can benefit from the FieldServer products, by reducing the integration time and acquiring the ability to more easily handle complex installations, thanks to gateways that minimized post-installation support calls and have all the required certifications, like BTL for BACnet. All FieldServer gateways include by default all the 100+ supported protocols, which helps reducing your stock, and can optionally be remotely managed from the cloud to further reduce service costs, if required.

The FieldServer gateways serve as a bridge between multiple network protocols, are certified to the most updated standards and have a configuration system that makes them easy to set up. No matter the size of the project, small to large, there are products in the FieldServer portfolio to fit the needs of any specific requirement.

How many different brand controllers do you use in your product lineup or in your projects? Most of them have their own cloud service, with their own subscription, their own platform, and their own user interface. Wouldn’t it be great if all your controller could use the same cloud platform? Then it would be easier for you to implement only the features your customers really need and the services you want to offer, in one coherent, branded platform.

The FieldServer cloud platform is exactly this, a powerful cloud platform targeted at system integrators and OEM service teams, that is the ideal solution for remote diagnostic and added value services, independently of what controller the field data is coming from. If you are evaluating the benefits a cloud solution for your products and projects can bring to your business, this webinar is for you.

In summary, the FieldServer suite of products in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning markets can help OEMs and System Integrators address complex design and business challenges, while reducing their time-to-market and delivering very reliable solutions.





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