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Contributing to the improvement of Mercedes-Benz’s electric mobility project.

WEG supplies ultra-fast charging stations and shielded busbars for new Mercedes-Benz factory

Leading automation manufacturer, WEG has recently supplied ultra-fast charging stations and related products for the energy distribution infrastructure of the new Mercedes-Benz bus manufacturing plant. The plant is based in São Bernardo do Campo, state of São Paulo in Brazil.

In addition to providing its BWW line of shielded busbars for the new manufacturing plant, WEG has also equipped the factory to recharge electric vehicles. This includes the installation of three ultra-fast charging stations of the WEMOB — WEG Electric Mobility line, 150kW Station type, which is ideal for charging ultra-fast CCS2-DC standard DC heavy duty vehicles.

Capable of fully recharging electric bus batteries within three hours, the stations can withstand high voltages charging, while keeping constant power. This provides an outstanding charging experience for all electric vehicles. Moreover, the stations can also count on secure access control via radio-frequency identification (RFID) or apps, energy meters and all built-in protection devices for a safe recharge procedure.

The shielded busbars installed in the new Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant are ideal products for the electrical infrastructure of the automotive industry, as they allow quick lay-out rearrangements, without the need for complex changes in the energy distribution network.

Designed for indoor application, busbars are also safe, resistant, compact, flexible and modular. In fact, conductor busbars are fully coated with tin by electrolysis process, providing total protection against conductive metal oxides and preventing galvanic corrosion on the connections.

“Creating solutions for a sustainable world meeting the needs of the automotive industry is part of our commitment to turning electric mobility a reality in Brazil”,
says Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation Business Unit.

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