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221 series toolless lever connectors and a wide range of accessories make electrical wiring jobs easy, fast and safe.

Wago. Electrical Wiring and Beyond

Electrical wiring and beyond. The Conrad Sourcing Platform now supplies Wago’s entire 221 series product range.

  • No tools required: lever design for straightforward installation
  • Standout product: lever-actuated bridges
  • Useful accessories: waterproofing and cable management

Pull the lever. Insert the wire. Push the lever. Done. Whether we are talking building wiring, MRO, industrial building automation, trade show booth construction or wiring shops and stores, Wago’s 221 series lever-actuated connectors make electrical installation work a lot easier. The Conrad Sourcing Platform now stocks a wide variety of 221 types. Moreover, Conrad offer a large selection of accessories that help widen the range of uses even more.

Two Sizes. Two Spots for Electrical Testing.
“If you need to install a door intercom or to hook up a cooker, Wago 221 series connectors come in a 2-, 3-, or 5-contact layout and two sizes, and are suitable for wires with cross-sections ranging from 0.14 to 6 mm2,” explains Manuel Gschwend who works as a product manager at Conrad. Also, for manufacturers of outdoor electrical supplies, such as junction boxes, switch gear, lighting fixtures and electronic devices, Wago’s connector series opens up entirely new possibilities with respect to product development. The standout feature of the 221 series is the lever design. These levers are easy to push and pull which makes installing and disconnecting wires a pretty straightforward process as you don’t need any tools. Lateral dimples simplify product handling. What’s more, the connectors come with two openings that enable electrical testing using commonly available tips. This also applies to products that have been installed.

Cable Connectors and Adapters
“One of our flagship products is a slimline lever-actuated cable connector suitable for wire cross- sections of up to 4 mm2. Means it combines all the benefits you get from the 221 series,” says Andreas Brettschneider, a product manager at Wago. “Moreover, if your job involves wiring multi-core cables, we supply a variety of adapters that come in a modular design, each of which allows connecting up to five cores.”

Gel-filled Junction Box
Wago 221 accessories also cover a wide range of uses. Wago’s Gelbox has been designed for LV and ELV scenarios, is available in six different sizes, and comes with an IPX8 rating which means it can withstand continuous immersion in water. However, using the Gelbox in LV circuits requires putting connectors and gel pack in the same junction box, to ensure double insulation of the electrical contacts. The product also helps with cable management, featuring slots for up to 60 wires, each with a cross-section of up to 4 mm2. This keeps all contacts arranged in an orderly fashion in one sufficiently large place, and suits wiring routed both on surfaces and in walls.

Mounts and Jumpers
If you are looking into expanding distributor panels, Wago supply a variety of adapter mounts compatible with all 221 series products. This includes mounts that allow installation in various orientations, and that slot on to DIN rails, feature screw holes for surface fitting, or include brackets that enable fitting the 221product line to other substrate types. Grey-yellow and blue colour coding helps identify N and PE wiring in switchboard cabinets. When it comes to power distribution, Wago offer a rail-based 8-pole jumper that is available in four different versions, namely with and without a locking mechanism, and either in grey-yellow, or in blue.

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