2021 ferrari portofino m


The 2021 Ferrari Portofino M is the “entry level” Ferrari, which, in the context of offerings from Maranello, means that there isn’t much entry level about it.

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A new exhaust helps horsepower swell from 591 to 612.

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There’s revised front and rear styling, but only true Ferrari heads will be able to spot the differences.

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The retractable hard top goes up or down in 14 seconds.

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Top down, trunk space is thin.

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There are back seats, but good luck finding people who can fit in them.

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We predict the Portofino M goes from zero to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

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Top speed remains a claimed 199 mph.

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The steering-wheel manettino gains a race mode, like some of Ferrari’s harder-core models.

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The dual-clutch transmission now sports eight speeds instead of seven.

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The base price of $226,000 can swell by more than $100,000 after piling on the options.

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