Trina Solar’s Vertex module

Trina Solar has revealed that the first modules using the industry’s largest wafer size (G12/210-mm) are coming off the production line of the company’s new factory in Vietnam and being shipped to North America.

Trina Solar broke ground on its Thái Nguyên plant in December 2020, and completed construction in five months. This new facility has the capacity to produce 3 GW of cells and 4.5 GW of the new 210-mm Vertex 550-W modules. Plans for modules reaching 670 W are now on the agenda for the Vietnam plant, which would boost annual capacity to 5 GW of modules.

Trina Solar’s Vietnam plant represents the first factory not in China that has manufactured the advanced 210-mm solar wafers, cells and modules. Currently, Trina Solar runs multiple 210 Vertex cell and module factories in China and Vietnam, which in total are expected to produce more than 50 GW of 210 modules by the end of 2021. The Vertex 550-W modules are also the first using the large G12 wafers to enter the North American market.

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