By Matthew Hirsch, CMO and Partner at TerraCurrent

A list of Top Solar Contractors in 2021 compiled by Solar Power World places three of Blu Banyan’s SolarSuccess customers—Titan Solar Power, Sunpro Solar, and Momentum Solar—at the top of the rankings for companies that primarily serve the residential market. Solar Power World published the annual list, based on a nationwide survey of more than 400 companies, in July.

Data from the past three years also shows that while the solar market is growing fast, SolarSuccess customers are growing faster.

Last year, Titan, Sunpro, and Momentum placed among the top 5 residential contractors in the Solar Power World rankings. In 2019, the trio featured among the top 10.

“Companies that can reduce overhead, accelerate cash flow, and increase profitability put themselves in position to succeed in any market sector. Credit to Titan, Sunpro, and Momentum for not only scaling fastest but pushing the boundaries of innovation in residential solar,” said Blu Banyan co-founder and CEO Jan Rippingale.

Custom-built for solar companies, SolarSuccess provides end-to-end communication for each part of the business, including sales, operations, and accounting. SolarSuccess is an award-winning NetSuite application optimized for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installers and developers, with optional integrations for field service, distributor inventory, monitoring, dialers, lead generation, weather forecasting, training tools, and more.

Installers and developers can accelerate soft cost reduction and scale profitability with SolarSuccess. This solution provides complete oversight on cash flow, sales, costs, profitability, project status, inventory, updates and alerts, and other functions key to a solar installer’s growth and success.

SolarSuccess provides real-time visibility across all key functional areas including accounting, CRM, project management, and inventory tracking through the use of personalized dashboards. SolarSuccess includes bluChat, which enables all authorized users – staff, partners, vendors, and customers – to interact directly on a problem record for faster issue resolution. Collaborate and communicate between teams and different departments to share data from a single data source.

BluBanyan pushes out frequent updates to SolarSucess customers, about twice a month. One of the newest features is a context-specific training tool, bluTraining, that simplifies onboarding and customer support.

“The platform that enabled Titan Solar Power to install over 132 MW in 2020 can accommodate any number of users, projects, and documents as we prepare for additional growth,” said Titan’s technology and infrastructure director Aaron Casillas.

Sunpro CEO Marc Jones said, “Now that all our departments can speak to one another, it gives us tremendous insight. Looking down the road, Sunpro Solar knows as we continue to grow and scale, we have a product that can support us.”

About Blu Banyan

Blu Banyan is an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider and SuiteApp developer, with extensive experience in the solar distribution and installation sectors. Blu Banyan’s SolarSuccess is the leading NetSuite application designed to meet the specific operational needs of solar installers and developers. Learn more at

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