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Natural light is vital for our wellbeing, health, and productivity. Humans have spent over 200,000 years in the sun, and our brains have become actively linked to its rhythms. This is our circadian rhythm, a healthy cycle of physiological changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to lightness and darkness. They can influence important patterns such as sleep-wake cycles, hormone release and more. 

Sylvania’s revolutionary innovation brings the sunlight indoors

Our modern lifestyle has brought a significant change to our lives compared to our ancestors: we spend 90% of our time indoors – most probably you are reading this article in an indoor environment right now. When our cognitive activity is at its strongest, we are most often subjected to artificially lit environments in which inadequate lighting can cause more harm to our productivity than we think. Therefore, the goal to reproduce natural light indoors has become the greatest challenge for lighting innovation.

LumiNature – The Real Human Centric Lighting. Full spectrum, dynamic, true colour light.
Sylvania’s LumiNature marks a new era in human-centric lighting: it recreates natural sunlight indoors. LumiNature contributes to your body’s healthy cycle by helping to regulate the right level of hormones throughout the day. It has three key attributes that make this product unlike any other:

Respecting light fidelity
LumiNature has a full spectrum of light. This full spectrum delivers a complete reproduction of light colours as of sunlight. LumiNature works in conjunction with our biological clock throughout the day to ensure our bodies benefit from the goodness of full spectrum just as much indoors.

The blue peak, which is common from standard LED light sources and not found in natural light, is eliminated. Blue light delivered at the wrong time of day is widely recognized as disturbing our brain and our daily rhythms leading to poor quality of sleep. Removing this peak is key to maintaining a healthy cycle. Using leading optical-electrical engineering and design, glare and flicker have also been reduced to the lowest possible level. The combination of all these improvements makes LumiNature a truly beneficial, pleasant and ultimately comfortable light.

The beauty of true colours
Thanks to the exceptional colour rendering and colour fidelity of LumiNature you can experience the most natural and truest colour reproduction across the TM-30 measurement scale in an indoor space. You’ll be surrounded by more depth of colour and contrast, all without ultra-violet or infrared light.

The light that works for you
One main difference between sunlight and LumiNature is that LumiNature can be controlled by you. The main objective is to deliver the right light, in the right place, at the right time. Conventional controls can be complicated and often yield one or two but rarely all three of these. Intelligent systems such as SylSmart combined with LumiNature deliver all that you need, delivering all three objectives with much lower complexity. The wireless SylSmart system enables dimmable, auto-adjusting tunable white light which respects the circadian rhythm of the sun controlling lighting colour and intensity automatically while also enabling full optimisation, automation, personalised control, and flexibility. All are installed with minimum effort and accessed through the SylSmart mobile app.

“Replicating something as important as the Sun is challenging. Choosing the right technology to deliver the real Human Centric solution is critical. Building on Sylvania’s 100 years of lighting expertise, combined with leading Intelligent controls and LumiNature light quality truly delivers exceptional light for wellbeing. This is contributing to the beneficial physiological performance of humans, helping them stay healthy, energised and achieve their goals easier. We have now achieved all this with LumiNature, by reproducing natural sunlight from artificial LED light sources” – says Christian Giraud, Feilo Sylvania Product and R&D Director EMEA.

Flexibility for so much possibility
LumiNature delivers an easy to implement well-being solution for commercial spaces, workplaces, educational and healthcare institutions, and places with night shift work. Each application faces different challenges that need a human-tailored answer.

In commercial spaces (like a showroom, retail, cosmetics, etc.) it is all about accurate and vivid colours. Brands invest heavily and lighting must help support portray the brand visual identity at its best. Lighting is a key selling tool and important in creating an atmosphere to create an emotional connection with customers. LumiNature has perfect colour rendering not just at one colour temperature but for each colour temperature delivering the most accurate results. LumiNature really is best light quality for both visitors and workers as well.

We spend most of our days at workplaces in rooms with partial or lacking natural light. Think about your office, a meeting room or a laboratory room without any windows where you could potentially have numerous hours without sunlight. LumiNature’s full-spectrum light with tunable white lighting control replicates that sun element ensuring that you still feel well and healthy even in areas without sun. Combining this with low glare and low flicker improves the occupant’s comfort and creativity during the whole day.

In education spaces, students need to focus all day even in partial or missing daylight. Classrooms, auditoriums, and libraries usually have large windows, but even these conditions cannot deliver the right amount of light for the high-level concentration all day, especially in darker seasons. LumiNature’s full-spectrum light with tunable white, lighting control, low glare and low flicker enhances concentration, creativity and learning without disturbing or tiring the brain. Easy to use wireless controls puts the control in your hands. Quickly and easily set the lights for presentations, raise the lights and colour temperature to raise attentiveness or even lower the lights and colour temperature to calm the mood. Fully flexible and offering control at your fingertips.

In medical institutions the right lighting is a 24 hour a day question and has a significant impact on the recovery rate of patients. With workers operating nightshift schedules, lighting also has a significant role in the workers’ health and productivity. LumiNature’s full sun spectrum contributes to our healthy cycle and enhances the correct physiological response, aids recovery, and also boosts mood – even in spaces lacking or without daylight.

“Sylvania is committed to providing the perfect light for occupants and ensuring people are always considered first. In each application we combine the latest LED innovations combined with state-of-the-art, intelligent lighting control solutions which we produce in Europe, close to our markets and using high sustainability methods. Sylvania ensures we deliver efficient, ecological lighting that meets the needs of our customers. Our vision is to Light Your World, taking inspiration from the Sun, we bring its benefits to you indoors.” – added Simon Reed, Feilo Sylvania CEO EMEA.

LumiNature was designed by people for people. Our mission is to bring the well-being and comfort of a naturally lit space indoors with stress-free, healthy lighting. LumiNature contributes to our health and productivity and helps us to shine our best, each and every day.

Revolutionary, human-tailored light. Designed for better living.


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