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Press: Ms. Israa Ali, Partner Operation
Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020: 14:43:02 EST
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Sudan Released from Economic Stagnation

  • Sudan’s freedom amidst huge economic issues
  • SourceItRight™ and Partners’ readiness to help Sudan
  • General Outline Approach to help Sudan rise to full recovery

For the past thirty years, Sudan and its people have been placed under enormous pressure from an Islamic dictatorial regime. Now its bondage has ended with an act of justice by the Trump administration in delisting Sudan from the list of countries that support terrorism. Reuters (CAIRO, Dec 16) Reported that The US Export-Import Bank would also provide guarantees to American investors from the Private Sector that could initially total $1 billion after the US removed Sudan from its state sponsors of terrorism list.

According to Sudan’s new leader, the event will open Sudan’s doors to financial markets, loans, exports, local and overseas investments, funding assistance and inflow of foreign earnings, and a host of other benefits.

“This achievement… contributes to economic reforms, attracting investments and remittances through official channels, creating new job opportunities for young people and many other positives” ― Sudan Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.

SourceItRight™, Nileharvest™, IBM Enterprise, and S4F.Solutions™ congratulate Sudan and its people for having attained their freedom and stand committed to working closely with them in many different ways.

Even in the face of dwindling foreign earnings from the sale of petroleum products, Sudan- a ninth world gold producer and third in Africa with about 93 tons, and still has enormous reserves of free uranium, chromium ore, iron ore, mica, silver, platinum, tungsten, and zinc which need mining and requires resilient infrastructure which SourceItRight and partners can provide. It has an abundant water resource from the Nile, with many dams suitable for agricultural development, and most of the land stands in need of modern development and use. There is a compelling case for diversification that the World Bank visualizes as the way forward for Sudan to follow. SourceItRight and partners are fully qualified to help in the process.

The World Bank also highlights the need for sectoral development with agriculture in its report that explicitly highlights the steps needed to navigate Sudan’s voyage towards full recovery. For its part, SourceItRight and partner Nileharvest can combine their expertise in the agricultural arena to engage in land planning, training, usher in modern irrigation methods to modernize, strengthen and sustain agricultural development, harvesting, and storage and marketing strategies.

Lastly, we know of the dilemma facing northern and southern Sudan. The cessation of the south, along with its proven oil reserves, caused revenue loss to the north. The south is incapable of building oil infrastructure; SourceItRight and partners will address this dilemma by building resilient infrastructure to promote sustainable industries and stimulate innovation. The petroleum industry in the North & South Sudan would be the main target, especially where substantial infrastructure has to build and renewed. Success here would create employment for people in North & South Sudan and inject much needed foreign exchange to the government in both countries.

At SourceItRight, we believe that forging perfect partnerships are a precious ingredient and the road to success for both our customers and us. Above all else, partners must have a similar mindset that we have and aspire to the same aspirations. We have them in Nileharvest, IBM, and S4F.Solutions.

Nileharvest™: Perhaps the most prolific partner with the resources centered on the Hibiscus, Sesame, Baobab, and Gum Arabic. Like us, sustainability is also their goal, not in the high tech, or urban surveillance systems, but in agriculture. They bring to the partnership the treasure and talent of Nile Valley women to the United States market and the globe. We are proud to partner with them.

IBM Enterprise: They are specialists with system integration and networking infrastructure. Within its offices in the UAE and Sudan are seated some world’s most professional IT gurus, who think up perfect competitive business solutions. They are the mavericks at conjuring up magical ideas on Low Current Systems (LCS), Automation Systems (AS), Security Systems (SS), and Electrical Systems (ES). They are invaluable partners.

S4F.Solutions™: This is another United States-based partner that brings to the partnership its expertise in the adoption and adaptation of multi-disciplinary knowledge that can positively impact actors, domains, and organizations. Among other things, the partner offers tools, expertise, and training to Systems & Design Thinking, Systems Strengthen, Analytics Platforms, Innovation, Social Change Design, Monitoring & Evaluation Systems, and Agile Practices. To us, they are equally as valuable and indispensable as our other partners.