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Successfully merged: up to four channels plus Tunable White

More features, less devices: the new OTi DALI DT6/DT8 constant-voltage LED drivers
OSRAM enjoys a high reputation in the fields of research and development and actively commits to developing LED lighting technology further and further. Our latest-generation products are consistently certified in accordance with the current DALI-2 standard – and we are undertaking every effort to make them more powerful, efficient and versatile than ever before.

The most recent example is our new OTi DALI DT6/DT8 indoor LED driver family. This new generation of DALI-2-certified constant-voltage LED drivers combines the benefits of up to four available channels with state-of-the-art Tunable White functionality.

Two become one, six become three
To offer our customers these new LED drivers, we have integrated the best features from two of our most successful and best-selling LED driver families into a new, future-oriented product portfolio. By merging the previous 1-4CH and TW LED drivers, each of the three new OTi DALI DT6/DT8 LED drivers now provides the power, efficiency and versatility of both devices – with DT6 standing for multi-channel operation and DT8 for Tunable White.

For example, the new OTi DALI 50 4CH DT6/8 LED driver is result of combining the OTi DALI 50 1-4CH with the OTi DALI 50 TW. And the merger of OTi DALI 160 1-2CH with OTi DALI 160 TW has enabled the TW-capable dual-channel LED driver OTi DALI 160 2CH DT6/8.

Versatile and helpful: New features
Of course, we aimed at much more than just combining two devices: We also wanted to optimize the performance and user-friendliness of our new LED drivers. For example, from now on, a separate switch is no longer required to select the channels: The new devices recognize the channels automatically, which prevents addressing errors from the very start.

And there is even another major innovation: the ability to dim the light down to 0.1% in accordance with the most recent standards – flicker-free via PWM, thus making the product future-proof and ensuring a much smoother transition between dimmed and switched-off light. We have already applied for a patent for this special dimming solution.

Last but not least, compared to the previous generation, we were also able to achieve a further improvement for Tunable White operation with the new OTi DALI DT6/DT8 LED drivers. With the first generation of OTi DALI TW drivers, the power from two channels was added together thanks to the alignment of the PWM waves. Until now, in TW operation, these drivers could only manage half of the rated power indicated on the rating plate of the LED modules. So, for example, the previous OTi DALI 160 TW could only actually drive a TW load of 160 W with a real total output of 80 W.

However, with the new Generation 2, the PWM waves are now aligned such that, in TW mode, the LED driver can process its full rated power on each channel.

Successfully merged: up to four channels plus Tunable White

Programming with Tuner4TRONIC (T4T)

Of course, the new OTi DALI DT6/DT8 LED drivers can also be programmed quickly and conveniently via T4T. There are a number of innovative solutions to choose from, including, for example:

  • 1 DALI DT8 TW
  • Touch DIM 4CH SYNC
  • Touch DIM Dim to Warm
  • Touch DIM 2CH (independent)
  • Touch DIM TW
  • Corridor Function 4CH SYNC

By the way: Even those who only need one channel are well served with LED drivers from OSRAM: In addition to the three OTi DALI DT6/DT8 LED drivers, three single-channel LED drivers round off the portfolio in terms of possible applications: the OTi DALI 50/220-240/24 1CH, the OTi DALI 80/220-240/24 1CH and the OTi DALI 160/220-240/24 1CH.


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