STracker Solar of Ashland, Oregon, has installed three new proprietary STrackers in the north end of Southern Oregon Univerity’s Sustainability Farm adjacent to the ScienceWorks Museum parking lot.

Credit: STracker Solar

The new elevated PV dual-axis trackers are in line with the three existing STrackers that have been producing clean local solar energy since August 2019. They will serve as a platform for “agrivoltaic” and other student research at SOU.

“Southern Oregon University is committed to renewable energy,” says Vincent Smith, director of SOU’s Division of Business, Communication and the Environment. “We are thrilled to partner with STracker Solar to promote renewable energy both at SOU and throughout our community.”

The STrackers will be providing consistent solar-electric power to the community for the next 25 to 50 years, and plans are in the works for a DC bus charging station in the ScienceWorks parking lot. The project has been financed and built by Ashland business-owner, Brad Roupp, and the power produced is being allocated to ScienceWorks and other local properties via the city’s virtual net metering program.

“Energy resilience and a secure energy infrastructure are key elements for us to meet Ashland’s present and future energy needs” said Brad Roupp, owner of Abbott’s Cottages. “Now with these additional three STrackers, along with the three units we installed in 2019, 100% of the electricity that our business, home and vehicles consume is provided by the sun. The STrackers have proven to be the most efficient and reliable solar-generating systems, and since they allow continued use of the grounds below, they fit perfectly in urban environments.”

The week these units were installed at the SOU Farm, STracker Solar also completed a two-STracker project at Ashland Family Dentistry to supply the power needed to Net-Zero the practice’s electrical use.

“We are proud to be the first Net-Zero electric medical practice in Ashland”, said Dr. Brandt Cullen, owner of Ashland Family Dentistry. “Our two STrackers will provide all the electricity we use, (something rooftop PV couldn’t do) and we’re already receiving compliments from our patients.”

Several days before, STracker Solar also added three new units for Oak Street Tank & Steel. This install offset the fabrication energy used at the shop in the production of the UL-listed STrackers.

“What a kick to install so many STrackers in a week. We’re thankful to SOU, the city, site owners, investors and installation teams that made this so fun and efficient”, said Jeff Sharpe, founder of STracker Solar. “It’s great to see local businesses step up for energy cost-savings, resilience and sustainability.

“This is exactly what STrackers were developed for, to transition our city to true energy sustainability, greenhouse gas reductions and clean energy jobs,” Sharpe continued.

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