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Conrad’s Building Services product world on the Conrad Sourcing Platform features safe space-saving electrical wiring solutions.

State-of-the-art Electrical Wiring Supplies at Conrad

Everything available on one single platform – industrial-grade electrical wiring solutions provided by Conrad

  • More transparent power distribution
  • Space-saving circuit breakers for switchboard cabinets
  • Latest smart building technology

These days, ensuring the functional safety of electrical wiring when using the latest technology has become increasingly complex. The reasons are more and more regulations that tradespeople need to be aware of, and the necessity of electrical wiring being able to handle much higher loads. This is precisely where the Conrad Sourcing Platform comes in, supplying high-quality components and innovative products that enable implementing industrial-grade solutions, to meet the ever-increasing operational requirements and minimise safety risks.

Conrad’s product range comprises, among others, leading brands such as Siemens, Kopp, Tru Components, Brennenstuhl, TP Link, Fritz, Digitus and Renkforce. Naturally, the same standards apply to any portable electrical materials aimed at contractors, service engineers and facility management. “To make the life of field engineers as easy as possible, we stock a wide variety of high-quality power distributors, cables, plugs and adapters,” explains Helmut Müller, Senior Director at Conrad Electronic, who is looking after the company’s building service technology and speciality products range.

Siemens Sentron Circuit Breakers: Making Power Distribution More Transparent
Higher electrical loads and circuit complexity: digital data collection and analysis is a vital aspect of modern electrical work as this helps cut operating costs and boosts energy efficiency. What’s more, increasing the transparency of power distribution protects employees, minimises plant downtime and enables scheduling the maintenance of circuitry components. Siemens have designed their Sentron series circuit breakers with precisely these requirements in mind: Conrad Sourcing Platform users can choose from a large selection of products including RCBOs, auxiliary contactors, RCCBs and specific data transceivers for collecting and forwarding data to main processing hubs.

Siemens FI Switch/MCB: Full Compliance. Half the Size.
The first circuit breaker that packs the entire electromechanical functionality into one rack unit (U). Unlike their traditional counterparts, the Siemens 5SV1 FI Switch/MCB complies with the EU standards that govern 16 A fault current and surge protection despite being sized 1U instead of 2U. The product’s compact design enables using more circuit breakers per switchboard, thereby adding additional safety layers simply by retrofitting these space-saving devices. The 5SV1 FI/MCB comes in a variety of versions and is compatible with the Siemens 5SM6 arc fault detection device which protects against electrical fires and, thus, constitutes a preventive fire safety measure.

Kopp’s Latest Home Automation Technology
Energy management, building security, building comfort. IoT solutions make your life so much easier. Kopp’s range of Smart Home systems uses global Bluetooth BlueControl data transfer protocol and is suitable for both new and existing buildings. Moreover, there is an app that makes controlling time- based features such as lighting, room temperature and blinds, and monitoring overall building energy efficiency as easy as pie. Since all of Kopp’s BlueControl and SmartControl enabled products are intercompatible, they can be used to set up a complete system.

The latest building service technology trends and featured electrical wiring products are available at conrad.com/building-technology


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